Nerds Gotta Eat: Healthy Snacks To-Go

Fangirls! So last week, we talked to you guys about how we’re trying to eat healthier. So this week, I thought I would talk about some awesome ready-made snacks that I’ve found that are wonderful for putting into lunch boxes, taking along to work, and having on the go!

I work a lot, and the food that is available for me to eat there definitely isn’t the best for me. But when I haven’t brought anything along with me to eat, I don’t really have any other options, unfortunately. I’ve started to try to bring things along with me that are easy to pack up and have ready. So after to perusing Target and talking to my sister-in-law, the Queen of Good Snacks, I’ve found a few great things to bring with me! 

Simply Balanced Fruit Strips:
photo (74)

I’ve been a big fan of fruit leather since I was a little kid, but it’s tough for me to find kinds that I really love. But Simply Balanced knows what’s up with it comes to smashing fruit into an easily edible and delicious strip. They also have these available as long twisty sticks which are fun for people who want some food that’s a little more entertaining t look at. 

Simply Balanced Fruit Twists
photo (75)These things are just downright delicious. They are pretty similar to the fruit stripe above, but they are bite sized and come in nice little individual pouches. These are great as a side to a bag lunch or a snack to keep along with you or in your car. These strawberry mango flavored ones are my favorite!

Go Picnic:

photo (76)

This is right here is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a while. This box is a whole little to-go meal to take along with you. Each box contains four or five separate healthy snacks that make up a nice balanced meal for one. You can keep everything in the box and take that, or you can empty all of the individually wrapped snacks into a lunch box or bag. These go picnics come in a few different kinds, all including different snacks. What’s great is you can open these guys up and mix & match what you’d like because it’s all wrapped individually. Just buy a few of these and you’ve got most of a few of your work or school meals for the week!

Eat up, Fangirls! I hope to share more enjoyable healthy snacks with you guys as I find them! 

All images and items are copyright of their respective owners. 

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