Villain Chat: Voldemort

One of the villains that has been a part of my life the longest  is Voldemort. Voldemort has been the key villain in the Harry Potter series since book one.


As a lifetime HP fan, I have always seen Voldemort as the root of all evil. I remember my mum reading the beginning books to me, and fearing that I would one day awaken to a flash of green light.

Voldemort started as Tom Riddle. He was conceived under a love potion that his near-squib of a mother placed on the handsome muggle down the lane. Once her father learned of the soon to be child, he tossed her out of the house. She fled to a nearby muggle orphanage, where she had her baby and died.


Tom grew up loveless, until a bizarre man showed up, offering him a place at a very special school, Hogwarts. There, Tom grew well. He was a hero – he turned in the wizard who opened the Chamber of Secrets, had many friends, and seemed to be on a path to success. But he was plotting. He wanted to do very dark magic. Horcruxes, a dangerous method of immortality, were the peak of his interest. He studied them, and created many, while amassing followers; planning to take over the Ministry of Magic. On his rise, he heard part of a prophecy, saying that a child would be his end. He went after the child; none other than baby Harry Potter. Voldemort failed because that night, Lilly Evans Potter gave her life to protect young Harry.

His killing curse rebounded and destroyed him, but Voldemort had back ups. He spent the next 10 years healing himself, eventually attaching himself to the head of a Hogwarts professor. Feeding off of Quirrell and unicorn blood, Voldemort slowly regained strength. He thought he could take Harry on at the end of his first year, but was mistaken. Throughout the rest of Harry’s Hogwarts career, Voldemort attacked and fell, repeatedly.


By the end of Harry’s 6th year, Voldemort had taken over Hogwarts and had infiltrated the Ministry. But Harry was still around. Harry spent what would have been his 7th year destroying Voldemort’s horcruxes, therefore slowly defeating him. In the end, it was Neville who destroyed the final horcrux, killing Voldemort.


I think Voldemort is a pretty fucking impressive villain. He’s beyond stubborn and persistent. He splits his soul multiple times because he wants to take over. He refuses to die. He lives on the back of someone’s skull for a year, at least. He looks like a warped baby Gollum for awhile. In the end, good wins, but he put up a fight.


One of the things I really enjoy about being a Fangirl, is seeing the different ways characters like Voldemort get portrayed. I was raised on the Mary GrandPré illustrations of him, but have come to love the version that Ralph Fiennes shows. There are sillier versions, like the Neil Cicierega Potter Puppet Pals version and the one played by Joe Walker in A Very Potter Musical is one worth watching. No matter how he is shown, I will always respect Voldemort as a villain, and I hope you do too.


If you haven’t seen what I was talking about, do something about it.
Neil Cicierega’s Potter Puppet Pals
Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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