Villain Chat: Syndrome

Syndrome is the villain from Disney and Pixar’s animated superhero film, The Incredibles.



When Syndrome was young, he was known as Billy, and he was the most active and excited member of the Mr. Incredible fan club.  He would do anything to get Mr. Incredible’s attention and autograph.  One day, Billy went to far.  He created power boots that could make him fly, and flew into Mr. Incredible, who was stopping Bomb Voyage.

Billy came in at the middle of the heist, and promised to go fly to the police, but Bomb Voyage attached a bomb to his ankle, and Billy flew off.  Being a super hero, Mr. Incredible had to go and save him.  He dove at Billy and held onto his boot “wrecking [Billy’s] flight pattern.”  Mr. Incredible threw the bomb at nearby train tracks and then had to stop the train from attempting to cross the gap.

All of that inspired the hero relocation act.  It was time for “their secret identity to become their only identity.”  So the supers went underground.  That night did not go over well for Billy.  He decided to use his intelligence for evil, and started developing his gadgets into weapons.  Later on, he tricks Mr. Incredible into coming to his secret island in attempts to destroy him.  He captures him.

02Soon, the rest of the Parr family (now the Incredibles) are at the island, and fighting Syndrome.  But Syndrome’s plans don’t end with Mr. Incredible.  Syndrome’s goal is to bring a weaponized monster (his creation) to New York City, have it destroy some stuff, and then to swoop in and save the day.  He wants to be the best super hero, and with the Incredibles gone, the only super hero.

Since he’s a villain, things don’t go according to plan with the weapon.  The robot is a learning robot, and realizes what is happening.  It takes all of the Incredibles and Frozone to take it down.  That doesn’t mean that Syndrome has given up.  He goes back to the Parr household to find their youngest child, Jack Jack.  Once the Incredibles come home, he tells them that his new plan is to take Jack Jack home with him and raise him as his ward, and side kick.  As he is flying to his aircraft, Jack Jack looks at him and goes through a series of impressive powers before being dropped.  Syndrome flies up and gets his cape caught in the turbine, and is gone.

Syndrome_unconsciousI think Syndrome is an alright villain.  I don’t find him to be scary at all, or menacing.  But he is smart, which is usually a good thing for a villain.  He just doesn’t do it for my fear levels though.

That’s all I’ve got to say about Syndrome though.  If you have the time, go watch or rewatch the Incredibles.  I think it’s pretty underrated as a Disney film, however, the start of Disney Infinity (which includes Syndrome) may get it some of the much needed attention that it deserves.  Supposedly, there was going to be a sequel, but the voice actors never signed on for it.  I would definitely be game.



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