Black Canary & Green Arrow: For Better or For Worse / In Each Man There is a Demon


Fangirls, I’ve recently become a little obsessed with the epic & adorable couple of DC, Black Canary & Green Arrow. I somehow hadn’t known of the couple until very recently, and everything about the idea of them peaked my interest. I’m pretty cheesy & romantic, Fangirls, and I also fucking love superheros, obviously. I was all about reading more about these two. Boy, was I in for a treat. I found out about a book called Black Canary & Green Arrow: For better or For Worse, which is collection of some of their stories together, one of which really struck me.

I had made sure to put money aside in my paycheck to purchase this book, and so naturally I was so damn excited to read it. I finally got the moment to when I was sitting in a coffee shop a few days ago, listening to some music and working on site stuff. I read the first story, titled “In Each Man There is A Demon”, a story release in the Justice League comic in 1969. It’s one of the first stories in which Arrow & Canary really connect. Green Arrow has been tricked out of his fortune and is really struggling with who he is. He doesn’t know his true identity, whether he’s actually Oliver Queen or if the Green Arrow is really who he is. Black Canary also finds herself struggling. Her husband has died and Superman invited her to come to Earth One to start again and join the Justice League. The JLA has reservations about her joining, and out of frustration, Canary discovers her trademark Sonic Scream, which was pretty fucking neat to read.

In the story, the bad in the members of the JLA come out. Literally. These green versions of everyone come out and are ready to fuck shit up. Superman tries to take them all down, but realizes that only the person can fight the bad version of themselves; Superman vs Superman, Batman vs Batman, you get the idea. “We can be touched only by those who begot us-our counterparts. And they will not! Because they cannot-because no man can battle himself!” And this is where this comic really starts to get to me, Fangirls. The toughest battle one faces is against themselves. And ain’t that the truth. Later, everyone is trying to fight themselves off, Green Arrow fires an arrow at himself and the bad in everyone returns to them, because it simply cannot be fully defeated. “Once more we were contaminated with evil. And once more, we were fully human-neither better nor worse than the other 3 billion men & women who walk the Earth”

Fuck though, DC. They really know how to hit me right in the feels. The story ends and I realize how close I am to crying. The music I was listening to (“Mace Spray” and “Sahara Mahala” by The Jezebels) being a perfect soundtrack for the story, just hit everything within me, Fangirls. These characters, these heroes, struggling with who they are, feeling totally lost, just like a mortal 19 year old like myself. I guess it just made me feel not alone in those feelings. Even super crime fighters deal with these things. It made me realize why I love comics and superheros so much. They are both extraordinary and ordinary. I can watch Green Arrow battle some bad guys and save Star City, and I can see him fall in love and feel confused & angry with himself. I can watch him rise and fall in the same issue. It makes him and all these other characters so much more real.

This book is so fucking cool, Fangirls. I love that it’s collection of different stories that kind of connect to a bigger story. I’m so in love with Green Arrow & Black Canary being in love. I think that every time he calls her “Pretty Bird” my heart sings a little bit. If you have an interest in either of these two characters or in them together or just want to have a lot of feelings or have your mind blown, I urge you all to get this book, Fangirls. I’m so glad that I bought it.

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