Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Toys

WARNING: This contains mature content possibly considered graphic or unsuitable for some, please read with caution.

Fangirls! First things first, my deepest apologies for our sexy chat being moved to Saturday this week, sometimes there’s not enough hours in the day and the fangirling cannot go on. I know, it makes me sad too. But alas, we are here together now, ready to discuss the wonderful world of sex toys! And boy, what a big world it is.


There’s no reason for us to limit ourselves and only seek pleasure from what we’re naturally given. Sure, hands & tongues & things are great fun, but sometimes you need a little something else. That’s why sex toys are our friends. Yes, the world of sex toys seems like a daunting one. It’s so vast, one can get lost and pushed away by the overwhelming sense of confusion and taboo. Breathe, Fangirls. We can enter together. Yes, you can hold my hand. Sex toys don’t need to be as scary as they seem. They’re totally normal to use and with a little research, I’m sure that everyone could find one to tickle their fancy.

Sex toys are by no means a more recent invention. Paleontologists & archaeologists have discovered phallic representations that date back to the Paleolithic Era. For the most part, what we know about the history of sex toys is that a lot of it started with treating something known as “Hysteria”. Hysteria was a condition commonly found in women where they were irritable, had a fullness in their pelvis, and whole bunch of other things that we now more commonly know as being horny. Doctors would treat women for this with what seems to be the original vibrator. Soon, an “at home” device was created so that women could take care of their “problem” easier at home. And then, people realized what was really happening; orgasms. These vibrators went away for a long time, until coming back around the 70’s where sex was becoming more of an okay thing.

Of course, vibrators are not the only type of sex toy. There’s lots and lots of different things that do different things to different parts. There’s things like dildos which are phallic and typically intended for penetrative sex & masturbation. Dildos can often be paired with a harness to be used as a strap on. There’s things can be used to enhance sexual activity such as cock rings which are used to prolong erections by holding blood inside of the penis. There are toys that are made specifically for masturbation, things made for anal stimulation, things that adhere to certain fetishes. Like I said, the world of sex toys is vast and with some research, things that cater to the pleasure you’re seeking can certainly be found.

No matter what kind of toy you’re looking for, Fangirls, it’s important to be safe. Make sure that you’re keeping your toys clean. Pay attention to what they’re made of, some of the things that toys are made of can be harmful to your body. With things like dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and things of the like, make sure that they are phthalate free. Phthalates are nasty things that can be used in some plastics that can be absorbed by your body and are no good. Glass, hard plastic, and silicone are what you want to be looking for. These materials have less little pores than those “jelly” materials, and little pores are bad. Bacteria can get in them and just hang out in your toys, which is obviously not good for your body.

Do your research, Fangirls! Pay attention, read reviews, be safe, and most importantly have fun!

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