Quicksand Jack Review

Hey Fangirls and Starkid fanatics!  As you may know, Nick and Matt Lang’s first issue of their graphic novel came out recently, so let’s talk about it!


So Nick Lang has said that he’s been working on this idea for the past 13 years.  Since his high school career, when he came up with the first sketch.  Since then, he and his brother Matt have been trying to find a good (and possible) media.  They considered an animated show, a movie, book, and even a musical.  But I think graphic novel was perfect, and I’m really happy that they chose that.

So the first novel (of 7) is an introduction to Jack, Mud (Maude), and the town of Brimstone.  We meet the pastor and Mayor Thunderhead, along with the beast that resides in the town’s mine.

I don’t actually want to talk about too much of the plot, because you should go read it.  Sadly, it isn’t in print.  The Lang brothers are hoping to be picked up by a publisher.  Until then, it is available for digital download here.


I really hope they get grabbed by a publisher, because this series is off to an awesome start.  The story line is strong and the art (done by Jen Lang and Teia Smith) is very unique and fun.  Jen  is the sister of Matt and Nick, Teia Smith is her wife.  The fact that this is a family project also makes it better.

So go check it out, Fangirls!  It’s only $2.99, an immediate download, and damn good.  So please look into it.  The more we help them, the more likely we can get it into print!

More on Quicksand Jack:

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