Jim and the Povolos at Stage 773

Hey music loving Fangirls!  Just like I’ve been talking about all week, we went to Chicago to see the Starkids perform at 123Ever.  We were really lucky in that there was also a midnight Jim and the Povolos show the night before, so we got to go to that.

photo (47)

They started with Make Party, which sadly isn’t on either of their albums, but hopefully they’ll come out with it.  But it’s very fun and dancey, so go look it up.  They sang a bunch of their songs from both albums, including Holiday Club and Loved and Alive.  I really enjoy their music, so I had a fantastic time.

photo (43)It was a small crowd, the show was only announced sometime in the couple days beforehand.  But it was nice.  It felt really personal, and was exciting to be dancing with Nick Lang and Corey Lubowich (not directly, but they were nearby in the audience).

I’m a big fan of meeting artists, especially these guys, so the small venue lent that.  They hung around afterwards and I got to hug them all!  I know that sounds a bit foolish, but I can’t really express how much they mean to me with just words – for fucks sake, I have an AVPM quote tattooed on my foot.  They’re really important to me.

Nick Lang
Nick Lang

I have noticed that at each Starkid show I go to, I appreciate more of them.  I find a new person to Fangirl over, and it mixes it up.  This past weekend it was three; Nick Gage, Mark Swiderski, and Nick Lang.  I really look up to Nick Lang for the work that he has done.  The fact that he spent 13 years perfecting and creating a story (which is now a comic book, Quicksand Jack), while writing these musicals, and performing in them with the Starkids is amazing.  Meeting him was really fantastic.

Nick Gage
Nick Gage

Hearing Nick Gage perform (both on Saturday and Sunday) really made me appreciate him more.  He wrote the music in Holy Musical B@man!, and writes super silly songs that just won’t get out of your head.  But his kindness really took me by surprise.  He took the time to ask where Natalie and I were from, and learn our names, before apologizing (for having to go clean up).  Also, he has very warm and soft hands.

Mark Swiderski
Mark Swiderski

Mark Swiderski plays guitar in Jim and the Povolos.  He sings with his lovely voice, but he seems like he’s kind of quiet.  But when I asked for a hug, he gave me the absolute best hug ever.  He was also very kind.

Overall, the show was fantastic.  Unlike the complaints I had about Sunday’s show (much younger crowd, with lots of grumpy parents pushing us out of the way), the Saturday night concert was perfect.  The audience was all 20-somethings, no one was pushy, and it just felt happy.  Stage 773 was a fun venue, there’s a bar (for those who are so inclined), plenty of dancing space, and an almost constant stream of new people (coming from the theatres that are also housed by Stage 773).  It was a ton of fun.

Plus, there was this great song, called Going Back To Skokie, that was a silly storytelling time about Skokie.  They played it twice on Saturday and once at their set on Sunday.  The best part is, every time, it’s different!

All images and songs are copyright of their respective owners.


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