Music Review: The Jezabels


Fangirls! A few weeks ago, I talked about an intense experience I had while reading a comic. I mentioned the music I was listening to, which was a perfect soundtrack for the themes of the book, and all of the feelings running around my brain. Minus reading emotionally charged comic, the music of the Jezebels is enough to make me feel all sorts of things.

Hailing from Australia, this four piece band absolutely blows me away, Fangirls. They’ve got a sound that just hits you like a wall. They’ve got lots of melodic, ambient guitar riffs that just dance, along with pounding & bouncy percussion arrangements. They’ve also lovely piano that is simple & soft, but still powerful, it brings a flow to all of the songs. Their music has a lot of movement, a lot of intensity. But the cherry on top of it all is Hayley Mary’s vocals. I feel like they wrap themselves around me, squeezing tight and letting all of my feelings out. And I mean that in a good way. Her voice packs a powerful punch, while still being able to remain quaint & wispy at times. In the song “Sahara Mahala”, one of my absolute favorites, her voice feels like a wave to me. Smaller & lower in the verses, then gaining in the chorus & bridges, crashing down upon you, high & powerful.

The Jezabels have a few releases, all equally amazing. They’ve got 3 EPs total, and one full length album. I often tend to favor their 2010 EP Dark Storm, as some of my super favorite songs of theirs are on there. They’ve also just released a fantastic new single, The End, and have a new full length album due out in early 2014. I’m hoping that maybe they’ll come somewhere around me in the US when they tour their new album, because I think they would be a dream to see live. I can’t even imagine hearing music as powerful as theirs live.

I can’t seem to find words strong enough to describe how I feel about this band, I just adore them. Their music is fucking brilliant. Go listen now, Fangirls. Do it for me.

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