Supernatural “Heaven Can’t Wait”

kbcw-supernatural907This episode has 2 story lines running next to each other that we switch back and forth between. Sam and Kevin work to coerce Crowley into translating a dead language for them while Dean goes to check out a possible case that Castiel called him about.

Basically, Kevin has hit a snag in translating the angel tablet in attempt to reverse the spell. He could only translate it into a dead language that nobody can translate into English these days. Dean gets called away by Castiel who calls with a case. 4 Mysterious deaths that Cas thinks they might be interested in. With Sam and Kevin left to research by themselves, they go off on their seperate missions.

Cas has been working at a convenience store under the name “Steve.” He is a great worker according to his boss. I want to say her name was Nancy or something; she wasn’t critically important and I disliked her so I forgot her name. Dean arrives on the scene of the latest victim and finds out that him and all of the other victims were less than happy. Inside of his house, the walls are covered with pink. Come to find out, it is actually the victim. The pink is a mix of everything, skin, blood, muscle, hair, even their clothes. Stumped, Dean calls Sam to see how their mission is going.maxresdefault (2)Turns out, they are stuck too. Dean suggests that they see if Crowley can and will help with an obvious warning. Crowley agrees to do so under the condition that he is allowed to make a “phone call” first. He wants to call Abbadon. Sam and Kevin discuss it and eventually decide that Crowley hates Abbadon too much to be conspiring with her and they should let him make the call.

Back with Dean, he decides to find Cas. He tracks him down to his store and Dean makes it quite clear that he thinks Castiel is above this job considering all he has done. Cas seems quite content with his job and likes running the store. After some convincing, he agrees to go with Dean to check out the next victim, a high school girl who we watched get smited the way all the others had been. This is under the condition that he be done by 7 tonight so he can go on a date with his boss. He is trying so hard to do regular human things!

When they get there, Dean questions the girl’s friend about if she was sad at all before her death. She had just been publicly humiliated when her boyfriend dumped her in the cafeteria; you now, high school. When Dean turns around, Cas is back at the Impala looking upset. Cas knows exactly what this is. It is a caste of angel (with some Enochian name) that basically acted as medics in Heaven during battle. They would heal what they could, but if nothing could be done he would smite them as he has been doing on Earth. It is evidently painless. Cas explains that since he is new to Earth, he can’t really distinguish the nuances of human emotion that signifies real pain or just emotional distress. After all, Cas has been on Earth for a few years now and he is just now starting to get a hold of it!maxresdefault (1)They decide that they have done all that they can here for now, and Dean takes Cas to his date. He fixes up his look, and basically gives him a “Go get ’em, Tiger.” When trying to leave, this asshole truck blocks him. This is important later, I wasn’t that offended by a dumb driver on a TV show.

Back at the bunker, Kevin gives up some blood for Crowley to make the call, and after some waiting, Abbadon finally answers. Crowley finds out that she has been breaking his contracts early in order to take more souls and gets very angry. He threatens her and says that she  is running Hell into the ground basically. He translates for them like he promised and gives some grave news. The spell is irreversible, and Sam seems pretty sure he is telling the truth when he calls to tell Dean. I am not so convinced.

maxresdefaultDean gets a call from the Sheriff, who tells Dean that the first case of the pink exploding people that they originally included a husband and wife did not have any trace of the husband. When Dean meets up with him, he sees a picture of the husband and…..oh shit, the truck that cut him off outside the house Dean dropped Cas off at. At the house, Cas got roped into babysitting his boss’s infant daughter; there was some miscommunication there. Poor Cas! The angel enters, and Cas recognizes him instantly as Ephraim, an angel that was on his side during the war in Heaven.  Cas, assuming that he is here for the baby who has been crying, steps in his way. Ephraim reveals that he is actually here for Cas and really that takes no explanation. Cas has been so down and lost, it’s no wonder he is in pain. This pain is how Ephraim found Castiel even with his ward.

Back at the bunker, Sam catches sight of Crowley injecting himself with a syringe of blood that he swiped. I’m thinking maybe he kind of liked feeling again. Sam just kind of gives a “dafuq” look, which is a pretty accurate representation of how I felt. Maybe he just wanted Kevin Tran inside of him. Eh? Ehhhhhh? Do you ship it? I sure don’t.safe_image

Kevin Tran is not amused.

Cas cuts himself on purpose and tries to secretly draw the angel-be-gone symbol, but Ephraim catches him and stops him. Dean runs in at this point and gets thrown across the room with angel telekinesis. Just as Ephraim goes to smite Cas, Dean slides him the angel blade and Cas kills Ephraim.

After everything is said and done, Dean tries to apologize for kicking Cas out before they part ways. We end the episode watching Cas get the store ready to open and everything is pretty much okay for now. I sincerely hope that the spell is reversible and Crowley is either lying or Metatron purposely mislead whoever read the tablet.

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