Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Myths

Fangirls! There’s lots of taboo & myths surrounding sex, a lot of which is easy to believe and confuse you. Have no fear, for I’m going to attempt to tackle a list of six sexual myths! Take note!

A myth is defined as a widely held but false belief, idea, or story. Sometimes, things regarded as myths do turn out to be true. Either way, I’ve searched the internet for popular myths about sex, contraception and STIs in order to bring you Fangirls the truth about six common ones.

1. Oral sex & anal sex are not considered “real” sex or are considered a “safe” sex. 

Oral & anal sex are “real” forms of sex and are only safe if you make them safe! Performing the two without protection can still result in all sorts of STIs (genital herpes, HPV, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV) just like penetrative sex, and all of it can be prevented with the use of a condom or dental dam!

2. Two condoms is better than one.

Nope. Please don’t do this. Some believe that wearing two condoms at once is best because you’ve got double the protection, but that in fact is not true. Wearing multiple condoms at once adds tension to the material, making it more likely for them to break. Just one will do.

3. If I have sex in a hot tub/ upside down / in a pool /standing up it will prevent pregnancy and/or STIs.

Wrong! None of the above will keep you from getting pregnant or infected. No position, climate, water, or angle will prevent these things, the only thing that can is some sort of protection method or contraception, like a condom or birth control. Nothing in water can kill sperm and swimmers still swim no matter what direction they have to travel. I’ve heard this myth a lot, so don’t believe it, Fangirls!

4. Birth control protects me from STIs as well as pregnancy. 

Incorrect. Birth control is in fact an effective & safe way to prevent pregnancy, but will not protect you or your partner from sexually transmitted infections. To prevent infection, use a condom and know your partners status.

5. Pulling out is an effective method of birth control. 

Actually, Fangirls, this one isn’t completely false. Surely, it’s not the most effective form of pregnancy prevention, but if done right, it can work. Key phrase is “if done right”. Learn about it and know your body, and you can perform withdrawal effectively. Dr. Lindsey Doe, sexologist & YouTuber that I’ve mentioned before, made an amazing video about this. Now, don’t take this as condoning you to start pulling out willy nilly and believing that no one will ever get pregnant if the method is used. But again, if done right, it can be effective. Watch this video and take note!

6. Getting tested is for cheaters, players, and people who “get around”.

Not true! Everyone who has unprotected sex, regardless of how many partners they’ve had, is at risk for infection! Whether it’s oral sex, anal sex, penetrative sex, you are at risk for infection if you are unprotected. Therefore, everyone should be getting tested and communicating with their partners about their status. A lot of STI’s go unnoticed and without symptoms, so it’s important to get regularly tested if you are sexually active.

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