Rocket Girl Review


Greetings, Fangirls! After a few weeks of seeing it on the rack at the comic shop, employees recommending it, and hearing nothing but good things from Emily, I finally decided to pick up Rocket Girl when it’s second issue came out this past week. Two issues in and I’m loving this series already, Fangirls.


Rocket Girl is Dayoung Johansson, a fifteen year old cop from the future. And she’s totally badass. She travels back to “the present”, 1986, to change a certain event in history and hopefully save the world. Did I mention she’s fifteen? Dayoung is sassy and independent, with a serious passion for her job. She talks of why she joined the NYTPD, New York Teen Police Department, which is because of her desire to fly. She rockets around, feeling the freedom of flight, “living the dream”, as she says.

Dayoung travels back in time by herself to stop the activation of something invented by a group of young scientists, the “Q-Engine”, that would have change the world, altered time, and created the world that she now lives in during the year 2013. The scientists aren’t picking up what she’s putting down, and are stressing about how she just destroyed something they’ve worked tirelessly on.

Meanwhile, Dayoung keeps sticking herself into situations with the NYPD, just trying to do her job. But of course, they’re pretty startled about a fifteen year old futuristic girl approaching them and taking matters of crime into her own hands. Officials are on the search for her, and find her after she causes a ruckus at a store while trying to help out. The second issue ends with her getting caught and being pronounced under arrest.

I’m not sure what will be in store for Rocket Girl, but I can’t wait to find out. This book is absolutely gorgeous, Fangirls. The illustration is beautiful, and the story just leaves me wishing I had the next issue sitting right next to me already. How will we wait until next month, Fangirls? It’s okay. Take my hand. We’ll get through somehow. In the meantime, let’s reread the first two.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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