Let’s Talk About Sex: Sex Criminals #2


Greetings, Fangirls! A few weeks ago, we talked about the amazing start to the new Image series, Sex Criminals. The second issue was absolutely no way not even close to a disappointment. I’m in love with this series, and am so eager to see where it’s headed and open up all of the fantastic potential of the characters & story lines. But before we get there, we’ve got the second issue!

This issue focuses on our other main character, Jonathon. If you recall, the first one followed the back story of Suzie. But now, we get to travel into the past and learn of Jon’s story and his discovery of himself.

This issue began very similarly, showing the situation we found our character in at the end of the first issue; ready to come out of a bathroom, after having sex and stopping time. Armed with guns, they’re trying to do something (that they probably shouldn’t be doing) before time runs out and continues on. There’s been a voice happening in some of the panels during this scene that’s spanned over the two books, and here they show who the voice belongs to; three, kind of glowy, odd looking people dressed in white, coming towards them. Clearly, Jon & Suzie are doing things that they shouldn’t be doing and someone wants to do something about that. Only time will tell what happens. I want so hard to know.

As I mentioned earlier, this issue takes us through Jon’s back story. Once Suzie & he realize that they both have this power, he goes through the story of how he realized that he had this power. He talks of the first time he jerked off, after finding a pornographic picture in the woods, how right from the first time he had this power; his dick would glow and time would stop and everything felt so good.


He learns that he can stay in this place up until he’s horny again. He tells the story of going into a porn shop called CumWorld not long after discovering this. Not being old enough, he would wank in a public restroom near by, then sneak in while time was frozen. He also used the frozen time to go rabble rouse around and get away with shit, which I think is hinting at some of their future plans. Jon comes to know the post orgasm frozen time place as CumWorld, after the porn shop.

Suzie and Jon are becoming a thing, bonding over the fact that the both can do this crazy with their orgasms. And it’s pretty cute & great. They are also obviously going to use it to get away with shit, as the book has shown splices of at the beginnings & ends. This one ends with that voice, who refers to them as their “children”, definitely encroaching on them, as they open up a vault full of money.

I cannot wait to continue with this series. If you haven’t yet picked it up and read it, I think I must demand that you do. Sorry, Fangirls, it’s for your own good. This series is absolutely fantastic. Too fantastic for anyone to miss out on it. So get to reading, Fangirls!

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