Nerd Wear: DC Bombshells Perfume

Alright Fangirls, I know I’ve been bitchy about DC lately (not without reason) but I am in love with the bombshell figures they released. They’re gorgeous. They consist of Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Poison Ivy. But they don’t look like we’re used to.

She looks sooo good!

There’s a pretty definite pin-up style to them, and being both a fan of pin-ups and powerful women, I think they’re great. I am not the hugest fan of how they made Wonder Woman’s face, but that’s another drop in the bucket. What I’ve seen on some store shelves lately, though, has really captured my attention.


The Bombshells have been made into other merchandise. No longer are just the figures available, but a couple months ago I saw shirts, and recently, I found perfume. Now, Fangirls, I tend to go through phases of perfume. Sometimes I’m all about it, others I want nothing to do with it. So upon seeing the perfumes, I figured I may as well give them a shot.

I bought 2 small bottles at Hot Topic. I got Ivy and Harley (they also had Supergirl and Wonder Woman but I don’t care much for the Super family and Wonder Woman’s face). The bottles were $5 each, and HT tends to have deals always, so they we’re buy one get one half off. They didn’t put a dent in my bank account and they weren’t so big that I couldn’t finish them.


Harley’s smells a bit like cotton candy. She’s a clownish lady (isn’t it silly that I’m terrified of clowns but I love Harley and The Joker?) so it makes sense that she would smell like the best treat at carnivals. Poison Ivy’s is a more floral scent, which makes sense. I do have to admit that when I put hers on, I feel a bit bewitching.

The scents are nice, the price was nice, and seeing the gorgeous art on something other than the figure was nice. I really like the scents, and they did a good job with the packaging. It’s safe to say that I won’t be phasing out of these scents anytime soon.

I think she looks just a little too excited to be ripping that chain apart.
I think she looks just a little too excited to be ripping that chain apart.

Check it out here, Fangirls!

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