The Walking Dead: “Dead Weight”

maxresdefaultThis episode has left my stomach in knots. We get a full idea of what he has been up to leading to his appearance outside the prison. Boy, has he been busy. 

When we last left The Governor, he just killed 3 walkers with his bare hands, and was discovered by Martinez in the pit. Upon being pulled out, Martinez plays along with The Governor’s new identity. He lays the rules down plain and simple. “Contribute, or be cast out.” He will not allow for any dead weight from anybody. He also makes it very clear that he is in charge. Now I don’t know about you, but if the last time I saw someone, he just went crazy and killed a dozen people, I wouldn’t be so abrasive; you aren’t always going to have the upper hand.

Regardless, he and the family mesh into the camp pretty quickly. The Governor is going on supply runs, Lilly is now the only person with medical training in the camp, and Tara has found herself a love interest in a woman named Alicia. On a run, The Governor, Martinez, and two ex-military brothers, Mitch and Pete discover a body tied to a tree, decapitated with a sign that reads “Liar” on it. Warily, the group continues and finds a ramshackle home with a body in the same state tied to a chair with “Rapist” nailed to his chest. Finally, at the house, a third body has “Murderer” tied to him, and has a self inflicted shot to the head. In his hand, he has a picture of himself with his wife and daughter. Inside, the group is attacked by the remainder of the family who are now walkers. In the scuffle, the reanimated heads of the two bodies are found. “Brian” takes care of them all and the group talks pre-apocalypse life while they pour over the supplies they managed to gather. f106f377-92aa-119a-e16b-58a4e49dd4fb_TWD_407_GP_0722_02971Back at camp, they have dinner and drink beer that they found in the survivalist’s home. Martinez and The Governor stand on top of an RV after dinner and talk while Martinez hits golf balls like they used to do at Woodbury. Martinez is still drinking throughout the conversation which includes the story of what happened to Shumpert, The Governor’s other man that survived the massacre with Martinez. He was never quite the same after Woodbury, and got a chunk taken out of his neck by a walker; Martinez took him down himself. When he offers to share the crown with The Governor, he becomes angry and strikes Martinez over the head with one of the clubs. He rolls him off the RV and drags Martinez to the edge of the pit saying “I don’t want it!” He dangles Martinez over the pit until the walkers take hold of him and feast on his Latin blood. A simple “no” might have sufficed, but I really wanted Martinez dead all of last season so it’s just as well.

The Governor is seen crying in his trailer before Lilly comes in and he is forced to lie about why. The next morning, everything for The Governor pans out, because his men explain that they found what was left of him in the pit. “He had been drinking and fell in,” they explain. The group is shocked by thi information, but are even more shocked when Pete steps up to lead. It isn’t long before he comes to “Brian” for advice. On another hunt, The Governor, Brian and Mitch discover a small camp of survivors and consider raiding them for supplies, but Pete puts the idea down. When the 3 come back around, the camp has been ravaged by people, not walkers and Mitch gets very angry. When an old man stirs he is clearly still alive, but Mitch stabs him in the head anyway. This guy reminds me a lot of Shane, honestly; Shane mixed with a little bit of Merle.

That night, The Governor tells Lilly that they need to leave because they aren’t safe anymore. When they go to leave with Alicia in tow, The Governor is forced to slam on the brakes when they happen upon a big pool of mud or quicksand that is filled to the brim with walkers. I think this makes The Governor realize that the camp is probably their better option, because they find themselves back at the camp by the next morning. maxresdefault (2)The Governor is getting ready to leave the camper when Lilly wakes and asks him what he is doing to which he answers “Surviving.” We then see him knocking on Pete’s door, saying that they “need to talk.” Pete assumed and was expecting that the talk was going to be about Mitch but before he is able to start the conversation, The Governor stabs him in the back, killing him. He then goes and knocks on Mitch’s door. When he opens the door, The Governor is holding a gun to him.

He explains that Pete is dead. The Governor killed him because he was weak and was too concerned with doing the “right thing.” He says that Mitch was right about needing to attack that camp, and that Mitch no longer worry about what is right and wrong; The Governor is running things now and he will basically tell Mitch what is right and wrong. The story that they will give the camp is that Pete died on a supply run as a hero.

Later, The governor and Lilly share a nice moment in the trailer before they hear a scream from Meagan outside. She was playing tag with Tara, and instead of Tara happened upon a walker. She tries to take refuge under an RV, but the walker catches her by the leg. What is up with dumb little kids and hiding under cars? Especially since this walker fell down before she even went under there. Anyway, Tara tries to pull the walker away, but it’s leg skin shreads in her hands, which was an awesome and very gruesome effect. The Governor shoots and kills the walker, and walks off instead of consoling Meagan. maxresdefault (1)At the pond that The Governor rolled Pete’s body into, we see that The Governor had actually attached his leg to a weight and let him become a walker. His new aquarium!! He has decided that they need somewhere safer, so he takes a little ride to the prison…

After we get past where we had seen him two episodes when he was watching Rick and Carl, he hears somebody talking. Upon investigation, it is Michonne and Hershel who had gone out at the end of the last episode following the prison community. He points his gun at them, and the episode ends.

Now the next episode is the mid-season finale! Thus means that is going to be so intense!! If I remember correctly, they usually take a break after the mid season finale, right? Anyway, the big premise is “all will fight, some will die.” That is terrifying seeing as the episode ended with The Governor pointing a gun at a favorite character who had killed his undead daughter, Penny, and stabbed him in the eye. We saw scenes of The Governor rallying his camp against the prison, and also him at the fence with a large group of cars, including Mitch’s FUCKING TANK while the prison points back with guns. I’m scared! The Governor is back in full swing to protect his family, and he’s dangerous!! I honestly wonder if he would have stayed sane if he had not ran into Martinez.

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