Twisted Review

Hey Starkiddies! You know what happened last week?! That’s right, Twisted came out! I mean, thanksgiving happened too, and that was cool, but TWISTED. Really though, I was pumped for that. I love Team Starkid, I love Disney, and I love Wicked, so it’s as if this musical was made for me.


So if you’re unfamiliar with the plot of Wicked, it’s the story of the Wizard of Oz, but from the Wicked Witch’s point of view. So what Starkid did, was take that concept and apply it to Aladdin. Or Jafar, rather. Twisted is the story of a royal vizier. The show starts off with the song Dream A Little Harder, a poke at Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. But instead of saying “bonjour,” everyone is saying “fuck you!” Jafar, played by Dylan Saunders, is clearly not liked.

maxresdefault (3)

After being told to get his “fat face out of the mother fucking book,” by Belle herself, the story begins. Jafar is just trying to keep the magic kingdom together, but he has to deal with a rebellious princess and a rude thief, along with the pure hatred from everyone around him. When he finds out that Jasmine has sicked her tiger on Achmed, the prince of Peexar, his day is clearly ruined. So he day dreams of days before, when things weren’t so rough.

maxresdefaultWe see Jafar’s first day on the job, how hopeful he is for change. But when he gets inside the palace walls, he finds out that the viziers run things under a different golden rule than what Jafar is used to; whoever has the gold, makes the rules. Discouraged, he meets a girl whose ear has just been chopped off. He mends it, and they quickly fall in love. Scheherazade is the palace storyteller who wants to know Jafar’s story.

Time passes, and tragedy strikes. Scheherazade¬†announces the expectancy of their first child, and Jafar is called into work. Once there, the sultan decides that he wants Jafar’s wife as his own. After that, who wouldn’t want to hurt the sultan? Jafar gets blamed for everything, and all he wants is his wife back. So when he has the opportunity to use a thief to get to the cave of wonders’ magic lamp, he does. But since the thief, Aladdin, is a dick, he steals the lamp.

maxresdefault (2)

Aladdin makes himself a prince to get into Jasmine’s pants, but Jafar had already warned her of men’s trickery. First they whip out their song, then their dick. So Aladdin’s advances fail. But that’s not all that’s happening. Remember Achmed?

maxresdefault (1)

No one else does either. So the prince of Peexar is pissed. He wants recognition, and the best way to get it is to slaughter everyone in the magic kingdom. It’ll make the princess fall for him, and life will be happily ever after, right? Eh, not so much. But I’m not going to tell you the ending, that you have to watch and see.

This musical was fantastic. I’ve loved the things Starkid has done for years; each production is better than the last. Twisted is no exception. The sets are beautiful, the costumes are fun, and the puppetry is once again amazing. Starkid is an extremely talented and inspiring group, and I’m excited to see more from them for years to come.

So go, Fangirls. Go see how great Twisted is. And while you’re at it, but the album because you won’t be able to get those songs out of your head. Plus, I think my favorite part of this show was that it was uploaded to YouTube as both a segmented show and a full one. So if you want to watch the playlist or the show in one sitting, you can do it.

So go enjoy Twisted, Dikrats!

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