Tuesday Night Preview!

Evening Fangirls!

So I asked the girls if I could do a Tuesday night review. This isn’t going to be a long post but it will be a glimpse of what’s to come. With that said, I only got to take a good look at 2 books today. Coffin Hill #3 and Alex and Ada #2. These will both be on the racks of your local comic provider tomorrow.


Coffin Hill #3:

Written by:
Art by:
Cover by:

So many people keep going missing in the woods in this book and it seems it has a lot to do with the mysterious Coffin Witch. Eve has barely been home before she is dragged back to those woods in the previous issue and now she is confronted with some of the horrors of the woods. As she is finding her way to see old friends she finds things aren’t what they seem to be in Coffin Hill.

This is an interesting and creepy read. I love the use of dark magic and the flash backs.

This book has a few very bloody scenes that are colorful and very dark. There are also odd clues here and there that may leave you puzzled.


images (1)

Alex and Ada #2:

By: Jonathan Luna     Story By: Sarah Vaughn

This is a very new book and it’s kind of like Chobits and yet not. The similarities between Chobits and Alex and Ada are pretty much the lonely guy who happens upon an android. In Alex’s case his grandmother sends him Ada instead of him finding her in a trash pile. Alex is so far a single guy coming off a break up that is taking a long time for him to get over. In issue 1 it is his birthday and that is why he received the android. There’s a lot of cool technology in this book. Alex has a phone built into his head where he can call and talk to someone in his mind. It’s very fascinating.

So that’s issue one. Issue #2 is him meeting Ada and naming her also. It is more introduction of characters which is great. You also get to know more about the android technology and how they work.

I don’t really know where this book will go but I want to see if it picks up steam.


So that’s what I’ve got. No spoilers but enough for you to want to read I hope!

Enjoy and keep reading!

Comic Shop Girl

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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