Supernatural: “Holy Terror”

supernatural-holy-terror-metatronSo, I realize that this is an entire week after the fact, but we still need to talk about it!! This episode leaves you on the floor clutching your feels, and now we have to wait until January to see more! I wasn’t even aware that this was a mid-season finale type episode! Grumble grumble.It goes without saying that spoilers follow, so be warned!

This episode really brought us back to the main plot despite the fact that this season has been kind of all over the place with standalone episodes. The previous episode really disappointed with it’s bland plot, but this one more than made up for it.

Cas is back with the boys in this episode, investigating a biker gang of angels that got slaughtered by other angels. He kind of just showed up at the crime scene disguised as an FBI agent and I’m actually really proud of him! I remember the first time he tried to play FBI, he failed miserably. They have some latent awareness that there might be another faction other than Bartholomew’s warring on Earth. As the viewers we know that the other faction is run by an angel named Malachi. The bikers were Bartholomew’s men, where as the church group we saw slaughter them are with Malachi. In a heated meeting between the sides, it ends with Malakai basically firing the first shot to begin an actual war.Holy TerrorWe finally get an explanation about what has been up with the whole Ezekiel thing. Come to find out, the angel inside Sam is not Ezekiel at all; Ezekiel died in the fall. Metatron himself confronts him, saying he knows who he is. I’m sure the entire fandom was chanting “Lucifer” in the silence before that commercial. It was a huge headcanon on tumblr that Lucifer had somehow gotten out of the cage and tricked Dean into thinking he was someone else. I say “was” because it wasn’t Lucifer. Metatron reveals that the angel in Sam is actually Gadreel posing as Ezekiel. For those who are bible challenged, like myself, Gadreel was the protector of the Garden, and he is kind of blamed for  the serpent getting by him and corrupting mankind. In other words, Gardriel is blamed for evil. He claims that it was not his fault, and honestly he seems pretty sincere. He has been shamed and locked up ever since, but the spell made even the prisoners of Heaven fall. Metatron admits that Heaven is lonely by himself, and he has decided to hand pick angels to rebuild Heaven the way God originally saw it. He convinces Gadreel to hear him out by promising that he could reclaim his status and finally be thought of as God’s most trusted angel as he had been thousands of years ago.

Dean and Cas have a discussion about the trials, and Dean almost tells Cas what is happening, but just tells him that they should split ways. The look in Cas’s eyes when he shows concern for what is happening to Dean is a testament to Misha Collins being an excellent actor. Plus the silliness of him being drunk off of one beer was well done as well! Ultimately Cas does split ways with the boys.

Throughout the episode we see Metatron and Gadreel meet a lot of times, in which Metatron ultimately convinces Gardriel to do his bidding. Also, Metatron wants to be called “X” when he ultimately becomes the new God? Seems very anime villain to me but, hey, I’m not judging.

Poor Cas is trying so hard to pray, because he is lost. I have a soft spot for him, so this just made me so sad to see him hurting. An angel eventually comes to his door, but upon realization of who he is, she tries to leave. Rightly so, because they both end up getting captured by Malachi’s angels. Cas gets tortured for answers about Metatron, but as he has said, he has none.

Malachi says that he is just following Castiel’s example. That’s really sad, that he is still made to feel guilty about it. Malachi also lists some angels that died in the fall, and Cas definitely notices when Malachi says “Ezekiel.” Malachi leaves, and the angel that was torturing Cas breaks his facade and asks Cas to talk to Metatron about raising him to Heaven. Cas is very clever and gets himself unlocked. When the angel (I think his name was Theo?) steps back from him, Cas takes an angel blade from a tray of torture tools and slices Theo’s throat open, taking his grace and healing himself before smiting Theo on the spot. Hot damn! Cas is an angel again! I physcially stood up and cheered when he pulled that move. I think he probably could have done something like that all along, but it is a line he didn’t want to cross. But, he realizes that if an angelic war is coming, he has to be prepared. I want him to get his own grace back though! It feels weird to see him using someone else’s. He finds his way to a phone and calls Dean to tell him the news, and inform him that Ezekiel is dead.SPN909HD_1834Dean rushes to Kevin to ask him to find a spell in the tablet that allows someone to lock an angel away to make it so only the vessel can hear them. Kevin asks why, but Dean just asks him to trust him. They paint some sigils in the store room after Kevin finds what they need. When Kevin asks Dean again what’s going on, he again just asks him to trust him. Kevin points out that every time he trusts Dean, he gets screwed over.

Gadreel, like I said agrees to be Metatron’s second in command but, it doesn’t come without a price. Metatron basically makes Gadreel be a hit man to take out the enemies to Metatron’s cause. Gadreel is extremely reluctant about the whole thing, but Metatron gives him a name on a piece of paper that we don’t get to see.

Dean brings Sam down to the basement and activates the sigils. He breaks the truth to Sam under the pretense that Sam “will be pissed.” He explains to Sam that it isn’t the angel he thought it was, and that Sam has to dump him out. In anger, Sam clocks Dean hard enough to knock him out for a few seconds and he runs upstairs where Kevin is working on the tablet. He asks Sam if he knows whats been up with Dean but anyone who is watching closely is suspicious of Sam. He is walking very straight, very cautious, and when he speaks, his English is very proper. That is not Sam in control. Dean catches up with Gadreel just in time to see him reach out, place his hand on Kevin’s head, and smite him on the spot. Everything hurts. 

But, we don’t get to be sad right away. Gadreel holds Dean back with his angel powers and reveals that he had heard Kevin and Dean talking about the sigils and had altered them to make them not work. He says that he did what he had to and that it was for the best. He grabs his bag and walks out, but not before dropping the paper from Metatron on his chest that had “Kevin Tran” written on it.


This scene hurt so bad. Like it’s hard to even explain. Jensen Ackles acted it so well. When Gadreel’s hold breaks, he doesn’t chase him, he knows there is nothing that can be done right now. He simply looks at Kevin, eyes still smoking from what Gadreel had done and says “Kevin?” there is a long pause and he says it again with little hope in his voice, “…Kevin?” But he’s gone, and the realization on Dean’s face hurt so bad and it was only made worse by the single tear you could see roll down Dean’s face. Dean never  cries.

I had actually read that when Jensen filmed that scene, Osric Chau wasn’t actually laying in front of him, it was just Jensen and the cameras. He said that he just had to imagine that it was Osric himself, laying dead on the floor in front of him and it wasn’t really acting anymore. I find that so touching it isn’t even funny. The only solace I take is that Kevin certainly wouldn’t be the first person in Supernatural history to come back from the dead.

I am extremely worried about the fate of the Winchesters! We have got so much to worry about, all coming to a terrifying boil all at once. We have an angel war brewing, Metatron building an army and sending out hits, Kevin is dead which not only means that they have lost a part of their family, but they no longer have a prophet batting for them. Sam has been taken hostage by Gadreel, and Cas has put himself back in the line of fire.

Supernatural returns January 14th, and I will be dying to know what happens every second! The next episode seems to say to us that in order to save Sam, Crowley is their only option.

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