Top 5 Reasons Why the Holidays Suck

Now, I know I look like the biggest Scrooge out there, saying that, but I promise that you’ll agree with at least one of my points.


5. The Weather
I know we all love and long for a White Christmas. I personally refuse to believe that I’ve ever seen a green Christmas, but the reality is, most Christmases are grey. I live in upstate new York, and I hate the cold. If it were up to me, Christmas Eve would host light flurries, then overnight we would get heaps and heaps of fresh powdery goodness. Then by the 26th I want it gone. But it never works out that way. For the most part, it’s cold here, from October on. I walk a lot of places, so I hate the cold. I don’t like now hard it is to walk, or that the wind burns and freezes my face, or that a warm shower doesn’t actually help, it just dries out my skin. And when there is snow, it’s usually grey or brown. Because the nice snow is ruined by cars and people.

4. Shopping
I love the spirit of giving. I love helping people. But I do not like the people who attack me when my store doesn’t have the item their child has begged them for for months. Listen, you should have bought it when they asked for it. I work at a toy store, which means people turn into demons around me. Every day I go to work, I get 3 calls about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, 5 about Doc McStuffins Check Up Center, and 10 asking about our layaway return policy. I get it, you want your kids to have a great holiday. But it really is not my fault that we don’t have items in stock or that the company does things a certain way. It’s also not my fault that we’re usually understaffed and surrounded by guests, so I can’t pick up the phone. On the opposite side, I do love Christmas shopping. I love buying and wrapping presents for my friends and family. I also love making them, because then I don’t have to deal with people trying to rip out my throat for taking the last of an item.

3. Money
I’m not rich. I work a job that barely pays over minimum wage. My family has never been rich. And I’m totally okay with it. There are things that I want to spend my money on, and I do. But when the holidays come around, it seems like there is never enough money. I know this isn’t just my family, there are many others who are far less well off than we are, and we do our best to help them. We adopt families and donate clothing and toys. From what I’ve seen, parents spend all of their money trying to give their kids the best holiday they can, and when the kids get older and the parents can’t afford as much, the kids get mad. I’ve seen it in my own house. It frustrates me that a holiday so kind is made into something so greedy.

2. Family
I love my family, I really do. But there are things that I can not change that stress me out. I have relatives who interrupt Christmas and make everything about them. I don’t like that the Christmas tree has blue lights on it because that my step-family’s tradition. It’s not something I can change, so I have to try and let the “holiday spirit” live on.

1. SAD
No, I’m not talking (specifically) about the feeling, I’m talking about Seasonal Affect Disorder. I, along with many other people, deal with this every November through March. Typically it hits depression sufferers the hardest, but it tends to show up for other people is well. How it works, is that when the days get colder, there is less sun. Less sun means less Vitamin D, which means (in a nutshell) less happiness. You see, when a person (with or without depression) spends a lot of their spring and summer outside, they feel happier. The sun and exercise make you happy. It’s chemical. But when the days get dreary, we’re less likely to want to go outside, which means we’re spending more time sedentary, inside. It’s just bad, and it affects a lot of people. This is also a big reason people gain so much weight around the holidays. Holiday food is rich, but people are staying inside, so they aren’t burning it off. This, in turn, stresses their family and friends out. My mum gets really stressed about me not leaving the couch unless it’s necessary, which puts pressure on me and therefore stresses me out. So I end up wanting to spend more time on the couch. ┬áIt’s cyclic, and messed up, but it’s very common.

So Fangirls, I hope you’re not too mad at me for being a bit of a Grinch, but I promise that I love parts of the holidays. I love the spirit of giving, I love being around my mum more, and the traditions we share. But there are things that really bother me, and these are the top 5. I hope your holiday is stress free and happy.


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