American Horror Story: Coven “The Sacred Taking”

sacred taking 1This episode basically centered around trying to convince Fiona to commit suicide so that the rest of the Coven may perform a ritual called “The Sacred Taking” in order to name Misty the new Supreme. Myrtle is convinced that because of her unique power, she must be the supreme-to-be. I, however am still convinced of Zoe’s place as the Supreme; her powers have been quiet for a few episodes but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored. 

While this story furthered, so did Queenie’s role in the Voodoo sect. In the opening scene, we see her kill a rapist in front of both Madison and Zoe and tell them that a war is coming between the two opposing magic groups. Delphine is getting mutilated by her archenemy, and Queenie clearly feels bad about it. She compensates by bringing Delphine some fast food. XTSo, through some clever mind games, Delia and Myrtle(who is now alive and well, thanks to Misty) convince Fiona to take a fistful of sleeping pills. In her spiral downwards, we see her suffering through cancer and looking pretty worse for wear. IN a dream sequence we see the Axeman walk away from her old, decrepit, and dying body in her bed, stating that she was taking too long to die. They did a pretty fair job in tricking Fiona into thinking her love wasn’t real. Madison reveals her survival, helping to further cement the idea in Fiona’s head that she is the Supreme that Fiona once thought she was. Also, my new favorite meme was born from this scene.


tumblr_inline_mxpu630xA11rjdz5iI can’t even tell you how hard I have laughed at some of the uses of this line. Just go onto tumblr and search the “Surprise bitch” tag.eps8_Fiona_atdeathsdoorFiona is saved when the ghost of Spalding reveals the plans of the Coven and gives Fiona some ipecac to make her vomit the pills. She makes her triumphant return to the Coven, whom were breathing a collective sigh of relief that the witch was dead. She confronts Misty and makes her demonstrate her powers by reviving Joan, the bible thumping neighbor and mother of Luke. She had been mistakenly shot with a sniper rifle when a witch hunter(who we know is Hank) tried to shoot Nan while she was in their house. It grazes Luke, and kills Joan, but Misty easily brings her back to life and Luke goes off to the hospital. Poor guy, he has an abusive, overbearing mother, he still has a healing ax wound in his back, and now he has been shot. 

Earlier in the episode, we did see an attempt on Misty’s life, which of course failed. Hank has now accidentally revealed his presence. Not himself specifically, but when Fiona finds the bullet from the shooting, she knows that there are witch hunters after them now.

At the end of the episode two mentionable things happen. First, Fiona commends Delia’s effort on her life, to which they share a laugh. Cordelia makes a comment about if she had known that’s what it took to earn Fiona’s respect, she would have tried years ago. Also, there is a package dropped at the door. Fiona brings it inside and opens it to reveal a still very much alive head of Delphine. A little peak into the next episode makes her into even more of a comic relief character, but I do appreciate that she does have some depth to her.02-1

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