Anime Tuesday: Movies to Watch!

Hello Everyone!

It’s Tuesday, you know what that means!? Anime Tuesdays! This week I’d like to take some time and talk about some Anime movies that make me giddy like a school girl. Some movies are stranger than others but that happens when you watch a lot of anime. So here goes.

Anything Hayao Miyazaki has touched!

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My Neighbor Totoro: One of the cutest, funniest, adorable movies I’ve ever seen. It took me a long time to see this movie and I’ve watched it a lot to make up for it. How did I miss this jem?! I haven’t a clue but I love me some Totoro! This cat bus is amazing, to little Totoros make me smile, and well the whole story is amazing and magical. I love this idea of going out to the middle of nowhere and finding some kind of magic.


Howls Moving Castle: In this amazing tale it seems like it’s a love story and it is but yet it’s also so much more. You know what I mean? This is one of those films that makes you want to believe in magic so badly. The war going on during this tale is a nice touch to the conflict going on. The characters are very interesting and even the ones who have no dialog make you feel for them.


Spirited Away: A tale of a girl who finds a bathhouse for spirits on her way with her parents to their new home. In this tale I must say the lesson is don’t follow your parents into mysterious places!! You might end up working at some crazy bathhouse for the spirit realm.


Ponyo: Talk about cuteness! This movie has some of the cutest characters in it! The little kids in Miyazaki films are so cute and have such interesting stories. I love Ponyo! It’s so amazing and beautifully animated. I miss it being on Netflix. It was one of those go to movies.

There are plenty of other Miyazaki movies I could mention but that would be a totally different post at a different time.


Paprika: This is one of those movies that you can watch on a lot of drugs and still be a bit confused by what is going on but enjoying the visual effects. The plot is a bit strange and a lot like inception but with more imagination and a lot more fun dreams! The animation in this movie is seriously amazing and the colors are bold and exciting! If you like animated movies with a lot of colors and also a lot of trippy animation this is a movie for you.


Tokyo Godfathers: This is an Animated Film. Not a movie. It’s done in a masterful way and the animation is superior to a lot of the stuff I’ve seen, especially at the time this film came out. The story is a real and touching one. With the 3 main characters being homeless people who find a baby and end up on a whacky adventure, you can’t go wrong.


Revolutionary Girl Utena: Every now and then an anime comes along that makes you wish there was more like it. This was one of the craziest yet coolest anime movies that had very little to do with the anime or the manga. It’s a very trippy yet very surreal movie with a lot of plot twists and one of the most confusing endings ever. I mean…. She turns into a car…. No seriously a super fast one at that, and there’s a chase scene at the end. So weird. So why does this one make it on my list? Well the weird factor is for one but the fact that this is one of those anime’s that you can play the Requiem for a Dream on repeat and play the movie at the same time like the Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd’s, The Wall. If you haven’t done this before I high recommend it.


Grave of Fireflies: This is hands down the saddest anime movie you will ever watch. I really can’t stress that enough. It’s sad! It will make you cry but it is a beautiful movie based on true events. If you plan on watching this please make sure you have some tissues with you. You will cry.


Tekkonkinkreet: If you like trippy, fast moving, action packed anime with a Robin Hood feel to it, then you should watch this. It’s a great story with two awesome main characters who are street kids. They see the Yakuza is trying to move back into their neighborhood after years of peace and decide to do something about it. Very cool anime fight scenes and an amazing end sequence. This movie was a bit of a spur of the moment thing for me when I watched it. I knew nothing about it and decided why not? So I hope you decide to watch it also!

Ok so far that’s a good list of anime movies I believe and I hope you enjoy these! There are some that might be harder to find than others but honestly are worth it. Good luck and Enjoy!


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