Appdicted: Pac-Man


Fangirls, I love Pac-Man. I have since I was a little one. I used to sit an play Ms. Pac-Man on our Super Nintendo for hours. So, when I discovered that there was an app out there of the classic arcade game, I was elated. Though, it’s not the same as doing it at the arcade, this app is just as fun, and I’m glad that game is progressing with time & technology.

If you haven’t played Pac-Man, you are really missing out. It’s a simple game that never seems to get boring. Luckily, this app works just the way the old game did. So those of you who haven’t experienced the game can learn, and those with cherished memories of it can get some nice nostalgic feelings flowing.

You start with a grid, or maze, covered in little white dots, with a little box in the middle where you’re enemies live.

image (12)

In the app, you have multiple to choose from, but I can’t help not play the original.

image (8)

The object is to guide Pac-Man through the maze to eat all of the dots. It’s easy enough until you factor in your enemies, the ghosts.  The ghosts are named Shadow (Red), Speedy (Pink), Bashful (Blue), and Pokey (Orange). But, they are more commonly know as Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The ghosts follow you around and if the catch you or bump into you, you’re dead. Luckily, you’re usually given a few lives to try.

image (7)

Typically, you are given three lives, once those are up, it’s game over.

image (5)

You don’t have much to help you in this game except your own strategy, but there is the big dots. On your grid, there is a number of larger dots among the smaller ones. Eat those, and it will turn your ghosts blue. This is a good thing. When you encounter a ghost when they are in this state, they can’t hurt you, and you can gobble them up for extra points. Just watch out for when they turn back!

image (4)

To also gain extra points, you can eat the fruit that appears. It’s most commonly cherries, but there’s also strawberries & peaches. Yum!

This app is so great, Fangirls. It features all of the original sounds, which I adore. And it has all of the same screens for after you win & stuff too!

image (9)

It makes me really happy to see a game as old & legendary as this one staying relevant and available for younger generations to learn about and older ones to continue enjoying.

So get to downloading, Fangirls!

All images and character depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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