Batgirl Volume One: The Darkest Reflection

Hey Fangirls! With another Monday comes another comic heroin, starting our week strong! This week I’ll be bringing you the New 52’s first trade of Batgirl, by Gail Simone, Ardian Syaf, and Vincente Cifuentes.


So in case you didn’t know, there was a book awhile back called the Killing Joke. In it, the Joker rings the Gordon family’s doorbell, and shoots Barbara Gordon in the stomach. It goes through and hits her spine, paralyzing her from the waist down. Up until that day she was Batgirl, but had to stop because of this. She then became Oracle, and another girl took her place. But now, 3 years after her accident, Barbara is doing a hell of a lot more than wheeling herself around.


After a trip to a clinic in South Africa and tons of physical therapy, Batgirl is back. Her first couple times out don’t quite live up to her old abilities, but she gets back into the swing of things pretty quickly. She starts by saving a family from a bunch of murderers. After that, she goes to the hospital on an alert call. One of the murderers is being attacked.

mirror-credit-dc-comics_480_posterWhen she gets there, a detective has been killed, another is put in a lot of pain, and a giant man who goes by the name of Mirror is about to push that murderer out of the window. Batgirl goes to stop him, but he points his gun at her abdomen; exactly where the Joker shot her, years before. She panics, and freezes. The living detective, Detective McKenna, is pissed. So she vows to take down Batgirl, just as soon as Commissioner Gordon lets her off of bereavement leave.

So Batgirl goes after Mirror, they fight, and he hurts her pretty badly. She goes home and gets patched up, then she’s after him again. He used to be a DEA Agent, but the rest of his family was killed in an explosive car crash, and he hasn’t forgotten. His thought is that anyone who has survived when they should have died, deserves to die. That being said, Barbara Gordon is on his list.

She lures him to a house of mirrors, much like the one her father was forced to go through in the Killing Joke. But this time, she forces Mirror to look at his past. Using mental disarming, she is better able to take him down and out. But the stress never stops.

A new criminal who goes by the name Gretel, comes on the scene in a weird way. She seems to have a hypnosis power that let her control men. She sounds a bit like Poison Ivy to me, but I’m okay with it. When she was younger she desperately wanted to be a journalist. So she worked hard to get close to one of the most prominent crime bosses in Gotham. When he found a voice recorder in her purse, he shot her 3 times, with a .38.


So when she hypnotizes men, the only thing they say is 338. She also uses the same gun when killing her victims. She goes after some pretty prominent men, including Bruce Wayne. Batgirl and Batman work together to bring Gretel in to justice, when Detective McKenna tries to arrest Batgirl. Batman suggest that she take him in as well, if she’s taking in heroes, and she gives up.

This is definitely an action packed trade. I was very excited when I saw that Batgirl was going to be Barbara Gordon again, and I hope there is more explanation on what she went through. As harmful as it was, I thought it was fantastic that she froze when Mirror pointed his gun at her. It made her more realistic. In the story, she also describes parts of her Bat-suit, which I always enjoy. I’m excited to keep reading and sharing with you, Fangirls!



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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