Harley Quinn #2

Guys. Ivy is in this issue. Like, what?! Ivy is just such a great character and she is in it and CALLS HARLEY BUTTERCUP. I’m sorry, I’m getting way ahead of myself.


So the issue doesn’t start with Ivy. It starts with Harley humping a Joker standee at a wax museum (which she owns). She lets them know about her collecting the rent, gets someone to give her a big refrigerator, an is headed home when she sees a rally in front of a pet shop. Apparently the shot euthanizes animals that have been there for 30 days with no adoption interest.

So the ever kind Ms Quinn heads in to grab the 50 that will be euthanized the next day, and she isn’t allowed to. So she calls her old pal Ivy, and heads home. Ivy sneaks in and gives Harley a loving spook, before hearing the awful situation down at the pet store. They go in together, but while they’re freeing animals, they’re running off! So Harley and Ivy split up to gather the puppies and kitties and animals.


But another guy who wants to take Harley out tries to get her. She kicks his butt through a meat shop storefront and realizes how to get all of the animals; tie the hitman in salami and pepperoni, and drag him through the streets. It brings the animals to her like the pied piper. She feeds the animals the aforementioned hitman, and she and Ivy head to bed.

Ivy tends to be more of an early riser than Harley, so she leaves her a present; she grows a park for the new pets in Harley’s empty floor. It’s beautiful!

For the most part, I really loved this issue. It shows how caring Harley is, and her closeness with Poison Ivy, and that’s great. The cover has great detail, all of the bloody snouted animals have collars with charms of Harley’s choice weapons (bombs, hammers, the like). But I was really hoping to read about Harley having jobs, and being a little more human. Also, there’s a couple pages where Harley is in her pjs, and she’s too skinny. Like, scary skinny, not regular DC skinny. But other than that, it’s fantastic. I like seeing her paling with Ivy, and doing human stuff. It’s nice.

But regardless, you Fangirls should read it. She’s adorable and fun, and it looks like we’ll be learning more about whoever put the bit on her soon! Read on, Fangirls.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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