Camp Takota


Fangirls, if you haven’t already been able to tell, I live a lot of my life on the internet. I’ve grown up with just a few close friends, while on the side being part of a giant, heart warming community of people that I don’t know. For me, most of that has been on YouTube. And my love, though thrives for dozens of YouTubers, has focused on the Holy Trinity of Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart. Those three lovely ladies have made a long anticipated movie that has finally arrived and that is more amazing than I could have imagined. Camp Takota is here, Fangirls.

Thanks to Emily, my lovely Valentine, I got the movie the day it came out, which was Valentine’s Day. I was beyond excited. We watched it that night over a romantic dinner of Chinese take out, it was a perfect night. I’ve waited for this movie for a long time, watching the three of them talk about it both together & separately on all their channels. It’s been a treat to watch the process. I’m very proud of the three of them, they’re great & hilarious women who put in a lot of work with a great result. Such a great result.

Camp Takota is a tale of friendship. Elise, played by Grace Helbig, is a writer who’s like was looking perfect. Then, she gets fired. Then, her fiance cheats on her. So then, she goes back to camp. Elise spent many summers at Camp Takota, gallivanting & making memories with her two best friends, Maxine (Mamrie Hart) & Allison (Hannah Hart). She returns, to surprisingly still find the two there, now working & helping run the camp. The reuniting of the three brings about hilarious montages of tequila shots, swapping stories, and reliving their glory days at camp.


But of course, things aren’t the same as they were at Takota, now that the digital age is upon us. The survival of the camp is being threatened now that attendance is lower every year, and the son of the owner of the camp wants to take over to make it a Digital Interactive Camp. The three, with help from the other friends at the camp, must work their butts off to ensure that at least half of the current campers preregister for next summer. Friendships are tried, love is blossomed, wine is drank, ghost stories are told, many laughs are had, and tears happen. It’s all amazing.

I think that these three women wanted to show what great things they are capable of, beyond their fantastic videos on YouTube. This isn’t one long silly video, this is a real movie. An amazing movie, that everyone should watch. These women, and everyone else involved in the making of the film, are so talented, and did a fucking fantastic job with this film. I want to watch it over & over again. It’s got such great lessons about friendship, about not getting lost in technology, and about being true to yourself, and figuring out just who yourself even is.


My expectations for this movie were sky high, and somehow the movie still exceeded them. I am so proud of these women, and so proud to be a part of the community that loves & supports them. If you don’t already adore these women, come on board. This community is so full of love and humor and everything great. And so is Camp Takota.

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