Atomic Robo Volume 7: The Flying She-Devils of the Pacific


Fangirls! Since last summer, I’ve been trying to get my hands on this book. I jumped up and down, shouting & squealing when I finally did about two weeks ago. Atomic Robo is a fantastic independent series done by two very nice men, about a super cool robot and his adventures through time (mostly WWII era) and the intense situations & battles he gets himself into. It’s pretty much the coolest science adventure comic ever. And what’s great is that you can jump around different volumes, you don’t need to start with one and work your way through. So that’s why today, we starting with volume seven, because it’s just so fucking awesome.

The Flying She Devils of the Pacific are ex-military air pirates and generally bad ass ladies. The war ended and they wanted to keep serving, so they did just that. There’s a bunch of abandon, left over stuff (stuff like artillery, fuel, air strips), that people are finding and using even though the war is over. The people finding it aren’t using it for good, so the She Devils find the stuff before the bad people do. With it, they make new awesome things like jet packs and other awesome things that help them kick ass.

The She Devils saved Atomic Robo when he’s attacked in a battle, and take him in on there island. They say that they’ll fix up his plane, but end up dismantling it and using it for other things. Robo is very startled and surprised that they’re a group of women, and it takes him awhile to get over it.



The ladies and other people around have had trouble with the same planes that shot Robo down. While at a bar, the girls ask around about the planes. Everyone agrees that they bad news, and an old man at the bar tells them the island they might be coming from. The girls decide to go there, and bring Robo along. They don’t find much there, other than a weird little machine that Robo presses a button on, which then explodes and destroys the little building it was kept it. A trap, they assume, that’s now alerted someone of there snooping. They head back home, where later that night a bunch of planes come and start some business, throwing bombs and everything. They put up a real nasty fight against the super badass team of ladies, and sadly destroy there island. They run the ladies ships & planes ragged, and in an attempt to help, Robo hurls himself at one of the planes. It was a bad idea. He falls, under water, and finds a weird giant submarine type thing. An electric arm comes and plucks Robo from the sea and takes him in. Inside are multiple giant robot machine things, and some Japanese soldiers. One says that he went up against Robo a few times in the war, and did pretty well for himself. He seems pretty damn happy to have him captured. The ladies head out from the battle, not realizing Robo is gone, and also not realizing that one of there girls, Hazel, is also gone.

Upon capturing Robo, the Japanese solider from before talks to him about the plans that the Japanese has, what they’ve been doing. They’ve made an Earthquake bomb that they plan to use to destroy the united states. The technology has apparently been a long time in the making, and is modeled of the techonology of Nikola Tesla, whom Atomic Robo was close with. Robo ensures that there plans will not work, America is too large & too powerful. The soldier is unimpressed, and leaves Robo on a boat with another large soldier, who then shoots him with a giant light gun thing, and Robo appears to be dead. They take him away to be dismantled, while they continue on with putting their plans for the earthquake bomb into place. But, they’ve got company.

The She-Devils arrive to kick major booty. First, they rescue Atomic Robo and bring him back to life, he wasn’t really dead after all. Hazel appears to help save the day. She had gotten herself on to the island by being a smarty pants. Robo tells them of the plans to destroy America, and the Captain of the She Devils is hesitant to help, it’s a tough fight to pick. They find a map that shows that the Japanese are heading to San Francisco to put there plans in place. So the girls head there, after scouring the Island for more weapons, and burning the rest.

5 days later, both parties arrive in San Francisco. The Japanese are just about the secure the bomb, when the She Devils show up to ambush them and fuck shit up. And shit gets fucked up. The fight is long and intense, with too many high points to name them all. Machinery is all pushed to the brink, and most of it explodes from being run so hard. The She Devils are putting up one hell of a fight, and blow up the main ship with a bunch of sticky bombs stuck all along the sides. In the vicious battle, a few a of the ladies are killed. They’re home was destroyed & friends were killed to save Atomic Robo & the US, because they’re that awesome. They all continue on being awesome She-Devils doing whatever the fuck they want in the coolest way possible.

I loved this book, and can’t wait to order some more volumes of the series to read about Atomic Robo’s all sorts of adventures!


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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