Rocket Girl #3


Fangirls! It’s been a while since we’ve talked about the one & only Rocket Girl, bad ass jet pack wearing teen cop from the future. I wish this comic could come out every week, I always get so sad when the issue ends, I enjoy reading it so much. Even if all the jumping around in time is a bit confusing.

I’ll admit, I had to read this issue twice because I found a but confusing. The comic likes to jump around in time, between past & present in both 1986 & 2013. For example, sometimes they’ll show something that already happened in 2013, which in this story is kind of the future. So something that happened in the past of the future. It’s weird. You just have to pay close attention.

In this story, we find Dayoung sitting in an interrogation room with a grumpy police officer, who is trying to find out more about this Rocket Girl and why she’s here. He tells Dayoung that they took her gear, including her jetpack, and gave it back to Quintum Mechanics. Dayoung promptly freaks out, and makes an escape from the room to retrieve her stuff.



Before she does this, the book goes back to something that happened in 2013, with the Teen Police. Something that’s kind of hard to follow happens with Dayoung’s friend O’Patrick & the Commissioner, it seems to be a problem, but later seems to be a move that was put in place to help Dayoung. We then see Dayoung at some weird machine, talking to a man named Joshua through the screen. It just shows his fuzzy silhouette. Apparently he he supposed to meet her there, but didn’t. While she talks to him, two robo cops come and try to kick Dayoung’s butt, they knock her out and then throw her into the portal of the machine. This could very well be the time machine.

Back in present time in 1986, Dayoung searches to get her stuff back. She finds it with the group of scientists that she first met when she arrived in the 80’s. The’s angry that they took her stuff, but they try to tell her that they did it to keep it safe for her. While they’re all talking, the two robo cops from before show up to play. Dayoung instructs everyone to run.

Issue 3 of Rocket Girl then leaves us, wanting more, not because the book was poor, but because it’s so fantastic and I just want to keep reading more. Soon enough, we’ll be able to hold issue 4 in our hands and jump up & down with joy. Soon, Fangirls, soon. For now, we just dream about that lovely flying spit fire Rocket Girl and the adventure she’s gotten herself into.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 


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