Supernatural: “Captives”

9.14gFinally, Supernatural is back! This time until further notice! They kick it right into gear and directly into our feels this episode, recapping all the pain, loss, and harsh words that have befell our beloved Winchesters.

We find out that the bunker is haunted, but this is impossible on account of all the wards that the bunker has. This means that whoever is here must have died in the bunker. Now who do we know that fits that description? You guessed it! Kevin Freaking Solo Tran!! He is new to this whole ghost game, and the boys are pretty sure that he is attached to the coffee pot(he isn’t). After he eventually learns to appear to the boys, he tells them that since Heaven is closed for business, all he people that have died since Metatron took over are just trapped in the veil.

9.14hKevin has a request for the boys, that they find his mother, whom Crowley revealed ages ago was still alive. He says that a ghost named Candy is all the way in Wichita, Kansas said she had seen his mother within the last week, alive. So, the boys, feeling guilty about Kevin’s death go to contact Candy.

This episode was a nice ease back into the Supernatural game. Granted they have only been gone for a few weeks now, it’s nice not to just plunge right back into the action. It also cleared up at least some of the sadness that has been surrounding the series, but notice I only said some, not even a good amount, just some.

The boys make contact with Candy, and she says that she was being held captive by “a short British man” and another taller man. She describes the place which is eventually figured out to be a storage facility. Obviously one of the men was Crowley. The boys find the right one, and begin the search with the help of the guy behind the counter named Del. He directs Sam one way and goes with Dean the other. Sam finds Mrs. Tran but gets locked into her storage locker remotely by Del! This is why Sam and Dean should start using the last name “Christo” on their fake FBI badges! It would save a lot of trouble with hiding demons. Dean is knocked unconscious by a surprise attack from Del, who really isn’t that threatening.

Sam frees Mrs. Tran from her bonds and they, more like she goes to work on the electric panel that controls the door. Apparently she picked up some things from helping Kevin with his engineering homework. She is excited to go see her boy, but Sam gives her a somber look which she immediately picks up on, steels herself, and continues working. This woman is driven, and its so admirable; not everyone on this show stays focused with emotional trauma fresh in them.

Del makes a long speech to Dean about the disappearance of Crowley, and is really bitchy about it. He is a young demon, so that explains why he seems less able to be unquestionably ruthless. Just when he starts going on about how he misses killing, and cutting Dean’s neck ever so slightly, Sam busts in and gives him a mean right hook, knocking him out, or at least to the ground for a while.

When Del is seen again, he is cuffed with the Devil’s Trap handcuffs. Del seems pretty confident that Crowley will get them, but the boys tell him that they are tight with Crowley now. He assumes they are leaving him for Crowley to come and deal with him, but their only response is “no, much worse.” In comes Mrs. Tran, who the boys hand the demon killing knife to and ask her to do the honors. After some pointless grobbling, she sinks the knife into Del like a pro.

All this time, Cas is dealing with Bartholomew. He gets picked up by some of his men, and Bartholomew turns out to have actually served under Cas and respects him a lot. He tries so hard to get Cas to help him, saying that they want the same thing; the downfall of Metatron. Cas does not agree with his methods of killing to gain his goal. Bart doesn’t quite agree but still would like to bring Cas over to his side. They bring in a rebel that we saw tumblr_n1l472ugmi1qa0n48o4_r1_250Cas having a conversation with earlier at a funeral for a dead angel who was the leader of another rising faction(the funeral was for her vessel, obviously). Bartholomew tells Cas to make his choice, and kill the rebel, or be killed himself. Cas refuses, and Bartholomew kills the rebel anyway. Just when he goes to end Cas too, Cas shows off that he is indeed a badass and not only turns the attack around until he has the angel blade pointed at Bartholomew’s neck, but he shows mercy and throws the knife to the ground, attempting to leave. Bartholomew tries to suprise Cas from behind, but that fails…..miserably. Cas again, turns the attack around, but this time he does not give a second chance, the blade sinks deep into Bartholomew and he falls to the ground, dead. The two angels at the door part to let him pass, because frankly they are probably scared shitless.

Later, Cas is seen at the dead rebel leader’s grave, speaking to her and apologizing. Suddenly a hand is on his shoulder, and Cas assumes its a fight. But to the contrary, it is one of Bartholomew’s angels who wants to join Cas. He isn’t the lonly one either, behind him are 2 more angels who want to work for Cas. He really doesn’t look like he wants followers, but it really doesn’t look like he has



Back with Kevin’s story, his mom finds a ring in a box that belonged to Kevin’s father, who died when he was young. She is positive that Kevin is attached to that if it is anything. The boys give her a warning about taking home a ghost, but she simply says that she has to protect him. The boys give the same warning to Kevin, and get a little tiny bit of closure when Kevin says it isn’t either of their faults that he is dead. He knows Sam wasn’t in control, and he just plain doesn’t blame Dean. He parts on the note that even though the boys couldnt see him the past few weeks, doesn’t mean he couldn’t see them. He tells them to get over it, and what they are doing is stupid, and they both promise to do that for Kevin. But, as soon as Kevin and his mom are out the door, Dean turns to see Sam walking out of the room, fast. Dean is left looking a little sad, but we know he typically shows a lot less than he feels.

I am really hoping that something will mend these brothers back together. I miss the joking, and the episodes that were actually funny because they were having fun. Remember when they had fun sometimes? I do too. Anyway, the episode was good. I am glad to see Bartholomew kick the bucket, and I am glad to see Cas have some angel power on his side, even if he doesn’t want it. I am more than positive we are coming to the crescendo, all of the pieces are falling into place for a finale.

As a bonus, here is the shirt I’m wearing today! Another good one from! It’s a crossover between Calvin and Hobbs and Supernatural for those of who don’t get it.

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