Villain Chat: Him

I’ve been rewatching the Powerpuff Girls a lot lately. And I’ve noticed that they have a bunch of awesome villains. My favorite is Him.


He isn’t really named “Him,” his name is too evil to be released. He’s considered the evilist of evil. My favorite episode featuring Him is called Tough Love.


In it, Him gets sick of all of the love that the Powerpuff Girls receive, so he turns it to hate. All of Townsville turns on the Powerpuffs, and attack them. The Powerpuff Girls have to beat up the other citizens of Townsville to bring them to their senses.


Him is the most fabulous villain there has ever been. He looks like a red man, but has lobster claws, and wears a dress all the time (except when He works out).


If you haven’t watched Powerpuff Girls in awhile, or ever, you really should. The episodes are on Netflix, and a lot of the jokes probably went over your head as a child. The narrator just said, “hey nurse, isn’t it time for my sponge bath?” It’s fantastic. So go watch them, and revel in Him’s perfection.

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