Black Widow Issues 2 & 3

Hello again Fangirls! I’m more than excited to talk about these second and third issues of Black Widow. She’s sassy and sexy, and she admits her mistakes. That makes her stand out as a person, to me. Plus she’s one of three non-metas in the Avengers, and the other one has a super suit. But enough if them, let’s get to the issues.


In Shanghaied (Issue 2), Black Widow makes some mistakes. Four, actually. And when they happen, she admits them. See, she is in Shanghai for a job with a client she has worked with many times. She tells her lawyer that the client is bad news, but his enemies are worse. “Sometimes it is the lesser of two evils in this job,” she says to him, right before hopping on the plane.

In Shanghai is where she gets in trouble. She finds familiarity where she shouldn’t, her client gets killed, and she realizes she has been deceived too late. She ends up fighting the brother of a man she killed years before. As they fight, he calls her a murderer, and I really loved her response. “Your brother was a murderer. I’m a killer,” and when he eggs her about the past, “My past is my own,” and pushes him in front of a truck, Mean Girls style.


That sass was great, but also her acknowledgement of her past. She knows she has done people wrong. Hell, she was part of the KGB at one point, she’s a hired killer. She knows that people get hurt in her job, but there are things she needs to do for herself; so she does them.

While she’s fighting in Shanghai, her lawyer gets approached by a representative of a private, anonymous party that wants to know about Natasha’s travel arrangements, and is looking to take her down. They are denied, and the lawyer has the car bugged. Turns out Black Widow killed their boss, and these folks are still sore about it. They plan on killing the lawyer, so he kills them a couple hours before picking Natasha up from the airport.


First of all, I am really loving this series. It’s beautiful and exciting, and she is a realistic person. She makes mistakes, she refuses to let the neighborhood stray in even though it waits for her. She’s powerful and smart, but she got deceived. It’s great. But when I got to the part where the lawyer is putting away the gun that he killed people with, I was taken aback. I thought he was just cautious and trying to take care of her. But he took care of her in a way I wasn’t expecting.

Overall, just wow. One of the things that has hit me as most surprising are her poses. She’s not sticking her butt out at all, she doesn’t fall with her legs spread apart (unlike many of DC’s ladies). She’s tough as nails, and has a body that reflects that. When you move the way heroines do, and as much as they do, you work off your booty and boobs. So she’s not flat chested, but she definitely doesn’t have Catwoman’s bust. And that makes me really happy. She is built like an actual athletic woman.

Marvel has been releasing Black Widow every other week, and that’s fantastic for my Fangirl tendencies. I’ve been trying to take it slow when I read her comics, but I gobble them up and I don’t want to stop.

Issue 3 is similar to issue 2 because in it Black Widow makes a mistake. She’s known for taking her time to make sure she is prepared for each job, and that each job is right for her. But in this one she didn’t. She freed someone from jail who was jailed on false charges. But once they’re free and in the clear, she finds out who he is.


Once Vincente, the man who hired her, meets up with Black Widow and the escapee, he calls the escapee Lobo Blanco (white wolf), which was another name for the Butcher of Argentina. So she throws him from the helicopter they’re getting away in, and cuts him in a river full of crocodiles. They take care of him, and she slinks back to her safe house.


When talking to the gent who takes care of her affairs, she finds out that her airlift is being provided by S.H.I.E.L.D.  While in the airlift out, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent talking to Natasha tells her that she is wanted to find out about and upcoming hit. Natasha agrees, but she stops home first. While she’s at home, she threatens her neighbor’s husband/boyfriend. He hits her (the neighbor) and Natasha is sick of it.

And after that it ends. I was really impressed by this issue. First of all, she realizes a mistake that she has made, and does her best to right it. Secondly they introduce S.H.I.E.L.D. And thirdly she sticks up for someone who she isn’t all that close with. It really struck a note with me. So if you’re looking for a strong female character, check this out. You won’t be offended, and as a female reader, that’s very exciting. As always, if love to hear your thoughts on Black Widow. Keep reading, Fangirls!

All images and characters depicted are copyright if their respective owners.


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