The Walking Dead: “The Grove”

???????????So, I’m warning you now, this is a sad one. This was a surprisingly full episode full of an equally surprising amount of loss!! The episode follows Carol, Tyrese, Lizzie, Mika, and Judith as they happen upon a small pecan farm.

Lizzie is increasingly revealed to be fucked up beyond all belief, feeding walkers small animals, saying that they are really people, and that they are just different, saying that people just come back to life when they become walkers. I mean hell, her little sister Mika gets it, and she is maybe 10 is shes lucky.

Things are going alright otherwise though, Carol gives Mika a lesson on trying to toughen up because shes “too sweet for this world” and “doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.” These lines sound familiar? Maybe something she said about another certain little girl? She said very similar things about Sophia.

the-walking-dead-the-groveThe farm has a small run in with some walkers who are burnt to a crisp. It’s assumed they are coming directly from a fire in the distance that you have been able to see smoke from for the whole episode. I am pretty sure that the fire is the house that Beth and Daryl set ablaze, but it’s not clear about the timing of these episodes since everyone is so scattered. I mean, hell, this is the 3rd episode in a row where Rick hasn’t even made an appearance, which just further cements in that everyone is away from each other.

Anyway, the group(even the young girls) handles the burnt walkers pretty easily and everything is calm for a while. There is a moment when Tyrese and Carol are out on a walk and she almost tells him about what she did to Karen and David, but pulls back. When they return from their walk, they find Lizzie, bloody knife in hand, with Mika laying behind her pale grey and dead. She tells them “not to worry” and that she will be back. “I didn’t hurt her brain.” Carol carefully diffuses the situation when Lizzie pulls a gun on her, and she gets Tyrese to take her inside. She breaks down into tears, and does what she has to do, but the loss doesn’t stop here.

The two adults almost wordlessly decide that Lizzie cannot continue on in this world, and she is unable to be changed for the better. Her brain just wasn’t wired to perceive the walkers as they were. I mean, earlier in the episode she was running around like she was playing with one while it tried to eat her. Carol takes Lizzie outside “for a walk” and says that she needs to talk to her. When Lizzie starts crying and apologizing for pointing her gun at Carol, it is the final proof that Lizzie doesn’t really understand that she killed her sister(and almost Judith!). Carol tells Lizzie to just “look at the flowers” to calm down. Which, I never noticed until it happened earlier this episode, but apparently that was a running theme for the girls to calm themselves down, to look at the flowers. Carol shakily pulls out a small pistol from behind Lizzie, and with tears in her eyes she takes the shot.Carol_The_Grove And that wasn’t even the end of big things that happened!! Later at night when the girls had been buried and Tyrese and Carol were back inside, Carol finally broke down and told Tyrese what she did. He didn’t explode, he didn’t yell, he didn’t cry, he just gripped the table that was between them very tightly, and after some moments of Carol telling him to do what he has to do, and laying a gun on the table for him, he simply told her that he forgives her. He knows she did it for the greater good, I think. Especially in the context of what just happened with Lizzie, he understood. Fun fact, the puzzle that’s on the table between them in this scene is something that the girls had been putting together, it was really just a prop, but later into shooting the episode, one of the producers brought out the box to show everyone what the puzzle was. It was Sophia in her rainbow shirt, which just added some extra feeling for the actors to this scene. Carol gives a tearful thank you to Tyrese for his forgiveness, and I for one am glad that it is all out in the air and there is no more secrets.

We close the episode with seeing the two leaving the pecan farm with Judith in arm, and seeing the graves of the girls.

On a side note, I’ve really gown to love Carol a lot. I used to hate her, she was meek and mild, and cried too much, and felt sorry for herself. But, it seems she took her own advice and toughened up where she needed to while still keeping her soft, mothering side. Shes a really unique character and I really love her development.

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