Appdicted: Evil Apples

Hey Fangirls! I’ve got this cool app that one of my Starkid fan friends suggested to me: Evil Apples.


The concept is really easy; it’s just like Cards Against Humanity, which is Apples to Apples for dirty minded folks. The difference is that this is online. You can play either with friends or random strangers.


To play with random strangers, you need one piece of cake. When you start out, you get 3 pieces for free. If you win the match, you get 3 more pieces. If not, oh well. But if you run out, just wait until 5pm, and you’ll get alone for free. You can always buy them, too.


The playing with friends part is a bit confusing. You invite people to play with you by text, tweet, or Facebook. You need at least 3 people to play. But the weird thing to me is that you can’t save your friends. So every time you want to play with them, you have to invite people, and with twitter (at least) you have a chance of just getting strangers.


The lack of a constant friends list is a bit of a bummer for me, because there are people that follow me on twitter that I don’t want to play games with. So, that’s lame. But the concept of the game is really great, because who doesn’t like Apples to Apples? No one.

So if you’ve got a dirty sense of humor, and aren’t easily offended, come play Evil Apples!



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