Villain Chat: Mojo Jojo

Hey Fangirls! Once again I’ve been on a Powerpuff Girls kick, an I learned some cool things about their main villain, Mojo Jojo.


Mojo wasn’t always a villainous monkey, he used to be a good guy. He was the pet of Doctor Utonium. But if you ask Mojo, everything went south when the Powerpuff Girls were born. Once Professor Utonium create the girls, he forgot all about his sweet little monkey friend, and left him to his own devices. The lonely monkey turned to a life of crime to combat the sadness.

But if you ask Professor Utonium, Mojo is the reason the Powerpuffs were born. He pushed the professor’s hand, forcing him to hit Chemical X. It didn’t destroy the girls, as Mojo hoped, but it turned them into super heroes. Some of it also splashed onto Mojo, enlarging his brain and turning him evil.


By the end of this tell all episode, the Powerpuffs are calling Mojo “dad,” and he’s no happy about it. As a villain, he’s pretty cool. He lives in an observatory on top of a volcano in the middle if Townsville. Everyone knows he’s there, and when the Powerpuffs think something is amiss, they can head right to his house.

He’s a bit silly, but I really enjoy the episodes with him in them. Until next time, Fangirls, don’t forget to let the evil out!

All images and characters depicted are copyright if their respective owners.

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