A Starkid Spectacular: Twisted In Concert!

Hello you lovely Starkid Fangirls! “What?! You’re not Emily or one of the other usual writers?! Who is this biddy?” Well, Fangirl, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Kristen, otherwise known on the interwebz as “Shut Up Kristen!” I’m a 21 year old Content Creator on the YouTubez, a master at the 140 character genre, and a nerd with a tumblr. So basically- your average Fangirl. But enough about me! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and talk about the fabulous Starkid event I attended this week at 54 Below in NYC: Twisted in concert.

Pic courtesy of @katieraph on Instagram
Pic courtesy of @katieraph on Instagram

Though I am a born and raised New Yorker, I had never been to the popular concert spot that is 54 Below, and let me just start off by saying that I am thrilled that this one of a kind event was held at such a rockin’ venue! Appropriately called “Broadway’s Supper Club,” the hall gives off an immediate vibe that makes you think wow. I’ve finally found the cool table. I attended the event with my sister, Jenna and our Starkid partner in crime, Gina, and the moment we entered we were beckoned to check our coats and whisked away to a perfect little table where a lovely man in a bow tie sat us in perfect view of the stage.

Now, one of the downsides of this club was the fact that after you’ve purchased your ticket, you also have a required extra $25 for food. For the typical Fangirl, that’s cash we would rather spend elsewhere, especially considering that you are practically bound to spend more with the cheapest entrée on the menu at $22. But I will admit- this ended up being a blessing in disguise. All three of us ordered the Wild Mushroom Risotto which was supermegafoxyawesomehot to say the very least, and for you Fangirls that are 21+, I highly recommend ordering yourself a Bloody Mary, hilariously the only thing I was able to snap a shot of from the night.

Courtesy of @shutupkristen on Instagram- which is me!

Having ordered our food and drinks, now came getting down to business; Starkid Business. At 7:00, the lights dimmed, and suddenly a line of Starkids formed towards the stage waiting to be announced. The lights came up and my jaw went down. I grabbed Gina and Jenna who had both been looking down at their phones and therefore hadn’t realized who was speaking yet and the words came out of my mouth; Darren Criss.

Darren welcomed up the performers, explaining how proud he was of the team for how many fully produced productions they had done in the years since Team Starkid had been created and then humbly took a seat in the center booth towards the wall and began to watch the show roll out. This was an additive treat, where we were sitting we could see Darren perfectly, and if you glanced at him after they finished a song, his reactions were absolutely adorable.

Pic courtesy of @torrancelynn on Instagram.
Pic courtesy of @torrancelynn on Instagram.

Twisted in concert was essentially a song cycle. The performance lasted for about an hour and a half during which the amazing singers and actors performed vignettes from some of the most hilarious scenes from the Internet musical sensation and sang the songs to match. The moment they started singing the opening number, which starts off with multiple town members yelling out “F*** YOU!” towards Jafar- the entire audience was along for the ride.

What made Twisted in concert quite possibly my favorite Starkid event I have attended so far was the dinner theatre style of it. Now, don’t get me wrong, while waiting on line for 8 hours for Apocolyptour was a tad strenuous, I love the atmosphere of those events. Making new friends, singing along with all of your favorite songs and dancing like crazy, it’s unbelievably fun! But by performing in a sit down venue where people weren’t screaming out “JOEY HAVE MY BABIES,” we were all able to do something that you never really get to do at a Starkid event; listen to the music. In my opinion, Twisted has been the most beautifully composed Starkid production yet. Being able to sit down and let the music fill the air was simply an amazing feeling, and it also allowed us to really appreciate the talent that these people have. Mid-show, Gina whispered to me “This is the best I’ve ever heard Jeff (Blim) sound!” We were able to swoon when A.J. Holmes (Jafar) sang with Holly Grossman (Scheherazade) “A Thousand And One Nights” and fall over laughing as the cast sang out “TIGER F***ER! TIGER F***ER! TIGER F***ER!” at Tyler Brunsman (Prince Achmed). The show became an incredible event that I wouldn’t have missed for the world.

After the show, A.J. Holmes walked around the theater freely while the rest prepared for the 11:30 show that would be following ours. We were shuffled to get our coats and as we left the three of us looked at each other and knew we had just attended a special event. I hope some of you Starkids were also able to attend, and if not, I give this concert five out of five Red Vines and I highly encourage you to go to something like this in the future. Until then, take off your clothes! I mean- Fangirl on!

Awesome T-Shirt courtesy of the lovely ladies of FangirlsAreWe! Thanks again, Fangirls!
Awesome T-Shirt courtesy of the lovely ladies of FangirlsAreWe! Thanks again, Fangirls!

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