Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Battle of the Labyrinth

Another month and another Percy Jackson book. So far, he has met and lost a bunch of people, but this book is where it gets real.


After blowing up another school and running into a mortal who can see through the Mist (that hides monsters’ true forms), Percy returns to Camp Half-Blood with Annabeth. There’s a new half-blood training swordsmen, Quintus. Percy gets excited because his half-brother, Tyson (a cyclops) is there, but also walks in on bad news with Grover. Grover, a satyr searching for Pan, is in risk of losing his searchers license. That paired with the strengthening of Luke and Kronos forces a quest into the hands of a camp member.

Annabeth finally gets to lead a quest, and they go where the daughter of Athena should feel right at home; a maze. Not just any maze, though. It’s Daedalus’s Labyrinth, and they think Luke is trying to use it to get his armies from their mountain home to Camp Half-Blood quickly. So Annabeth, Percy, Tyson, and Grover head underground.

The Labyrinth is full of choices, designed to test Annabeth’s fatal flaw; indecision. ¬†They are helped a bit by Hera, lead a jailbreak in Alcatraz (saving Briares from Kramp√™), and eventually find themselves at a dude ranch, specializing in unique animals. After Percy fights Geryon, saving his friends and Nico (the half-blood son of Hades) they start to head for Hephaestus.

They get stopped by the Sphinx and finally get to Hephaestus. He tells them that if they want his help finding Daedalus, then they have to help him. He sends them to Mount St Helen, one of his forges, but on the way, they split up. Grover sees a path that looks like it may lead to Pan, and Tyson follows to support him. Annabeth and Percy continue to Mount St Helen. When they get there, they find bad news.

Telkhines, or sea demons, are working together to forge weaponry for Kronos and his army. After fighting them, Percy shoots himself into the air, and ends up on Calypso’s invisible island. She takes care if him for awhile, but he decides to leave and goes back go Camp.

He walks in on his own burial pyre. Since he had disappeared for so long, Annabeth and everyone assumed he was dead. He explains what happens, and Chiron sends them on their way. But before doing so, he tells Percy that the camp’s newest instructor, Quintus, has disappeared into the Labyrinth. But instead of going back into the Labyrinth themselves, the heroes head to Manhattan.

There, after telling Percy’s mom that he’s still alive, they find Rachel Dare. Hephaestus came to Percy on Calypso’s island and told him that a mortal who can see trough the Mist would get them through the Labyrinth. So they needed Rachel.

They head under, and start on their way to Daedalus. Rachel brings them right into Luke’s hands (on accident). The only way to get away from him is for Percy to kill his half brother. He does, and they run (accompanied by Quintus’ hellhound) to Daedalus’s studio, where they find Quintus.

Turns out Quintus is the fifth anamatron that has held onto the animus of Daedalus. They are the same except in body. Luke’s forces are after them, and a fight breaks out in the studio. The friends escape, and get back to Camp Half-Blood in time to fight an all out battle against Kronos’ armies.

I didn’t want to give too many details away, but I definitely enjoyed this book way more than the others. A lot more happens with action; more people are lost, and it’s pretty upsetting to read. But you should read it. This series has done a great job of getting me attached to the characters, and I fear for them in the last book. But until then, read on Fangirls!

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