Captain Marvel Issue 1

Hey Fangirls! Two weeks ago a new exciting series started: Captain Marvel. There was a bit of a debacle about whether or not this series would even happen; Marvel wasn’t making the money they wanted with it. But they decided to go ahead with it anyways, and I’m glad that they did!


Not being a long-term Marvel fan, I didn’t know anything about Captain Marvel, her story, or much of anything about her. This issue didn’t really explain anything. It started right off into the storyline.

She works with Iron Patriot to save New York from an unidentified object (that she expects to be a bomb). It isn’t, it actually is housing a girl name Tic from another planet. That other planet, Nowlandia, is gone, according to Iron Man, a little later that night.


She seems to be in a kind of relationship with Rhodey (Iron Patriot), but she wants to go into space to be a presence for the Avengers. Iron Man suggested Rhodey, but Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) wants to do it. The issue ends with her taking off for space.

The issue starts after Carol has gone into space, and is about her, Tic, and some others getting into some trouble. After the comic is a page long explanation (in comic form) of how Carol Danvers became Captain Marvel, but it didn’t really answer too many questions for me. That comic is done by Kit, or Lieutenant Trouble, one of Danvers’ friend’s children. She’s cute, but I don’t understand too much of her relevance.

I really enjoyed this comic, but it posed a couple questions for me. Who is Carol Danvers’ friend (parent of Kit), and why do they live with her? What is the full explanation of her powers? Where is the in between with Tic, and what is she like? I’m definitely intrigued, Marvel, which is a great way to start off a series.

If you know any other great Captain Marvel series I should check out, let me know! Until next time, keep reading, Fangirls.

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