Blue Is The Warmest Color Review


Fangirls! For quite some time, I’ve been hearing about this movie. I’ve heard people  harshly critique it, talk about their love for it, start up some controversy. I’ve pretty much heard every opinion imaginable regarding this film. So I thought that it was time to form an opinion my own.

I liked this movie. I liked it a lot. It’s a fucking beautiful love story. That being said, I can see what people don’t like about it. If you don’t like long, intricate films. If you don’t like foreign films & having to read subtitles. If sex scenes make you uncomfortable. If you need happy endings. If any of these things describe you, Blue Is the Warmest Color most likely isn’t for you. Luckily, I’m not too picky about my film preferences, and was willing to take the three hours to observe this movie.

Blue Is the Warmest Color is a french film that focuses on a young woman named Adele. At the start, Adele is a 17 year old high school student, focusing in Literature. She’s got a bunch of gossipy, seemingly sex obsessed friends, that she gets along with but doesn’t seem to be super close to. Adele has interest in dudes, but it’s pretty obvious that she feels a bit forced to. Why this is becomes more apparent to her when we see her eye catch on a blue haired lady in a crowd on the street. Her desire for this girl is beautifully portrayed. After only seeing her once, we see Adele in bed, dreaming about this girl being all over her body. There’s a beautiful back & forth that switches between Adele’s hands on her own body in reality, and Emma’s hands being all over her in her dreams. It’s gorgeous & so accurately displayed. She only saw this girl once, and can’t help lusting after her already.

I need to interject in the story here to say some stuff about gay stuff. I hope that someday, when their are gay characters in movies, it won’t have to be a big a deal in the movie that their gay. When a character is gay in a movie, they always seem to be shown coming out, struggling with it, negativity surrounding it. In this film, the gay thing kind of teeters on a line between it being a big deal and having it be whatever. I’m a bit more okay with how it’s portrayed in this movie. For a moment, it’s a negative thing, but for the most part, there’s other things going on in the movie that have a lot more to do with the whole picture. For a bit, her being with a girl is shown more as conflict, but then it really just becomes more of a story about love.

The gay controversial stuff doesn’t end with that, though. How I first heard about this movie was in a video about a video. Two women were discussing a video wherein some lesbian women “react” to the sex scenes of the movie, and talk about how unrealistic it is. This is dumb and makes me want to explode. I hate other people judging how other people have sex, whether it is in real life, or if its scripted. That whole “real lesbians don’t do that” crap is bullshit. What even is a “real lesbian”? The women in this movie were in some intense, passionate love, and wanted to make each other feel good however the damn well please. Sigh. Okay.

So obviously, Adele and Emma, the blue haired girl, get together after a few lovely interactions. The have a lot of sex, they meet each others families, though Adele doesn’t tell her family her real relationship to Emma. Things are cool. Then suddenly, all this time passes. How much isn’t explained, but it has to have been a few years at least. Adele has graduated school, maybe even completed some college or something, and is now an elementary school teacher. She lives with Emma, who is now a more successful artist. They seem to have a nice life, but there doesn’t seem to be as much emotion or passion in their relationship. At a party celebrating Emma’s success, it’s obvious that they both drift, but that there love is still very present.

Emma is caught up in work, Adele obviously feels quite lonely in the relationship. This leads Adele to stray. She kisses & sleeps with a coworker of hers a few times, and of course, Emma can tell that something is up. This erupts very unexpectedly. But I mean, when you found out you’ve been cheated on, emotions are understandably on high. She screams at Adele, calling her a slut & a whore, hitting her, literally throwing her out of the house. After watching their very lovable love be born, it’s pretty hard to watch it explode like this.

Needless to say, they break up. More time passes, we go back to focusing just on Adele. She distracts herself with the busy of her work, not having much of a life outside of it. Her life really just consisting of smoking, feeling sad & anxious, dreaming of Emma. At some point, what I believe is three or four years after they’ve broken up, Emma & Adele meet a cafe. They discuss their lives. Emma talks of her girlfriend, Adele talks of her loneliness, and the desire that she still has for Emma. For a moment, they can’t fight the feelings that are still present for each other, and they kiss, passionately, grabbing at each other. My heart has such hope at this moment. Then Emma, reminds Adele & herself that she is with another that she loves, she has another life now. They finally end things together here.

What I’m assuming is a few weeks later, Adele goes to an art show of Emma’s, who seems to have invited her. They share a tense interaction, there’s that passion again. Adele sees that some of the pieces that Emma did of her are still present in her collection. She leaves the party and it ends with her walking down the street.

This ending is neither happy nor sad, it’s very open ended. I think it’s perfect for this film. This movie had a story line, but I find it was pretty loose, being that it was paired with so many little details. This movie was just a portrait of a few years in someone’s life, so I find an ending is hard to have. Adele’s life didn’t end here, this film was about so many things, so it’s hard to cut it off. Her involvement with Emma seemingly ended, and her life was just going to continue on. That’s the only way it could have ended.

If you’ve seen this movie, I want to know what you thought of it, Fangirls! If you haven’t and want to set aside a nice chunk of time to dedicate to it, I recommend doing so. It’s on Netflix. Obviously, there’s a lot I have to say about this movie, and I want to hear how other’s have viewed it now that I’ve finally seen it myself.


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