Rat Queens Issue 5

Hold on to your tits, Fangirls, because this issue is amazing.  Also, if you don’t like swearing, you should skip hitting that more tab.


Holy shit though.  As I’ve gushed before, I love this comic.  They’re badass women, doing whatever the hell they please.  And why shouldn’t they?  Hell, why shouldn’t we all?!  Lets all go get drunk with the Rat Queens.  Anyway, for the comic, go get it.  Now.  Seriously.  This issue is the final in this first arc of the Rat Queens, and is a part of their trade paper back that Image released on March 26th.

Like I said, the story arc ends with this issue, as they’re fighting the giant mass of orcs and shit attacking them, in honor of the troll whose boyfriend was killed by the Queens.  Evidence showed that Bernadette was the one who hired the assassin to destroy all of the gangs in town, and Gerrig kidnaps her, for a ritual he’s performing.

During the battle though, it gets real.  Hannah is fighting, and realizes that her power is running out.  Violet saves her, but only just before getting shot in the throat with an arrow.  Fuck you, Kurtis J Wiebe, for doing this to me.  I almost started crying, because these ladies are so cool, and I love them so much, and I don’t want to lose any of them.  I couldn’t cry though, because I can’t get any tears on my comics; that’s bad for them.  So Dee rushed to Violet’s side, and Orc Dave gets the two of them out of there.


Hannah deals with this much more intensely than I did.  Her eyes go black, and she fucking lost it.  She takes down everyone. She brings down most of the army, and the troll.  The rest of the army runs off, scared of Hannah, and the next panel is at Violet’s bedside.  Orc Dave and Dee worked together to heal her, and they think she’ll pull through, but they aren’t sure.  While they’re waiting for her to (hopefully) come through, Dee and Betty start to argue; Dee wants to go and wreck Bernadette for bringing this shit down onto the Rat Queens, and Betty wants her to trust the lieutenant, who said it would be taken care of.  Violet comes to, and says that there are a couple things she wants.

“First, I want you to drop the thing with…Bernadette.  If Betty says it’s handled, then…we trust and respect her.  Second, we are hosting…a party tonight.  I want to get drunk.  I want to get high.  I want to have sex with Orc Dave.  They can happen in any order or all at once.  Any objections?”  At least she’s honest.  I love Orc Dave’s reaction too.


They party (hard), and a couple things happen.  Faeyri, Betty’s on / off (currently off) girl shows up, asking for the house special, and they have some cute flirty shit.  Hannah gets some folks high on pure energy vapors, we find out how much Dee Dee hates parties, and Violet gets herself some Orc Dave dick.  Dee, being unhappy with the party atmosphere, snags Gerrig’s bag, and finds some N’rygoth scrolls.  It ends with Gerrig starting up the ritual with Bernadette.

So, wow.  This issue was a fucking emotional rollercoaster.  Violet’s blatant honesty was fantastic, and seeing Betty with Faeyri was really nice.  I’m super excited for the next arc to start, and I’m kind of bummed that I have to wait until May to start it.  If you went (lucky bastard) to Emerald City Comic Con, then you could have (and should have) seen Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch both on the creator floor and in their Rat Queens panel.  If you didn’t go, there’s one other thing you can count the days down to, in waiting for Rat Queens 6 to come out; their release party.  On May 9th, in NYC, the Parkside Lounge will be hosting a sweet release party for the Rat Queens next issue.  It will not only have the two creators there, but also a lovely troupe of burlesque babes, and drinking.  It is a 21+ show, so keep that in mind.  We also have clothing to look forward to, they posted this picture of merch in the works to their Facebook a couple weeks back.

ratqueens_merchI’m ready.  Other than that, the Queens’ creators did say that they’ll be releasing every 6 weeks instead of monthly, because it’s a hella lot of work for Upchurch to keep up with (he does ALL of the art stuff himself),  plus he has a “real” life.  This will make it so we don’t have to deal with random breaks also.  So thanks, guys, for making our experience even better.  And until next time Fangirls, don’t forget to kick some ass every day!



All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.


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