Coffin Hill Issue 3 & 4

Hello again, my witch loving Fangirls! Coffin Hill is filled with some pretty weird shit, and it seems like it’s just going to get weirder. Last time, Eve Coffin and her police chief friend Nate found a ton of skulls in Coffin Forrest, and from the looks of it, the crazy isn’t going to end there.


After finding the bones in the Forrest, Eve and Nate go back to mates house, and do the dirty. She leaves in the morning with nothing but a note, and goes to the local insane asylum to see her friend Mel. Mel was one of the two other girls who worked dark magic with Eve ten years ago. Dani, the other one, died that night. Mel’s brain was pushed past it’s limits. Eve visits her, and tells her that people are missing again. Mel leans in close and tells Eve that the harvest will start soon, and then has a seizure.

So Eve heads over to the police station to talk to Nate about her visit. Their discussion is interrupted by Dani’s mother coming in. Her younger daughter, Bianca, has just disappeared. When she sees Eve, she slaps her. Eve heads home to look at her spell book, but the pages she needs are missing.


Later that night, Eve breaks into the asylum to find out the head doctor there is creating zombies of his dead patients. He tells her how he learned it in Haiti. As he monologues and is about to kill Eve, Mel hits him with a tray and stabs his neck. She seems perfectly normal. Mel goes home with Nate.

The next day, Eve shows up at Bianca’s search, hoping to find Nate. When she doesn’t find him, she ends up finding a body. They don’t know whose it is, but Nate shows up and tells her to go home and get rest. When she gets home, Mel is there. She and Eve talk, and Eve realizes that it isn’t really Mel, something has taken over her. They fight, and Mel gets weird black markings all over her face. They threaten each other, and Nate shows up to take Mel home.


When they’re back at Nate’s house, Mel cuts her hand open and grabs Nate’s face to kiss him. She starts talking about how Eve Coffin will never interfere with their lives again, and that’s how it ends.

I think Mel is possessed, and the blood from her hand helped her bewitch Nate. Eve is the only one who realizes the change in Mel, so I’m curious to see how people react to her claims (I’m guessing she tells Nate it’s not really Mel and he loses it). But so far, I really like this series. It’s very dark and spooky, which I tend to enjoy in comics. We’ll see you next time, Fangirls! Keep reading.

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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