Starkid Takes Manhattan

Hey Fangirls!  Last week was the fifth anniversary of Team Starkid’s A Very Potter Musical.  To me, that’s ridiculous.  Team Starkid is my second longest running fandom (after Harry Potter), so when they announced a concert to be performed the weekend after their anniversary, I lost my mind.  Of course we’d have to go; it was a necessity. So we prepare, and went!


And holy crap, totally awesome doesn’t even begin to cover it.  I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to write this since leaving the venue, but really, all I can say is wow.  I don’t believe there was a single person in there who didn’t cry.  I tried to keep track of the songs, but I really wanted to just enjoy myself, so I said screw it, and I was lucky enough to have someone tweet me the song list after the show (thanks Maria!). So I guess we can talk about how the songs affected me, then I’ll go into more detail?  Cool.


So they started with Going Back to Hogwarts. After going to SPACE Tour ages ago, I kind of assumed that this would be one of the last songs performed.  But when Joe Walker walked onstage and knelt under a single spotlight, I knew it was right.  I felt like we were really going back, and I lost it a bit.  They all slowly came out to their queues (Joey Richter came out at Ron’s entrance, Meredith Stepien at Hermione’s, and all that jazz), and that was really nice.  Plus of course, when Dylan Saunders sings welcome, I felt home.  When that ended, they explained the next song, and how it went down.


Ya see, the next song was We Don’t Wanna Be Sued.  It was an apology song when Harry Potter Musical was first released. They took down their musical, and apologized.  Luckily (for all of us) they changed the name to A Very Potter Musical & reuploaded it.  This song isn’t my favorite, but it was nice to see it brought back.

Then they did Harry Freakin’ Potter from A Very Potter Sequel. Just..yes.

After that, Lauren Lopez performed Land of the Dicks from Me and My Dick.  I was a bit surprised by this, because it was an all ages she, but I’m really glad it was in there.  Natalie and I really enjoy MAMD, and we feel like it’s the most forgotten of Team Starkid’s shows, and that’s sad.

Next was I Wanna Be from Starship.  I think Starship has one of the loveliest soundtracks, and I was grateful to hear that.  I think if I were the one to choose which song they were to perform from Starship, it would have been Beauty, because that’s my favorite; but I Wanna Be really shows more of what it is about.

Then they did Dark, Sad, Lonely Knight from Holy Musical B@man!  I don’t know how you Fangirls feel about this song, but I love that show.  I also love Joe Walker, so that helps.

After that was A Very Potter Senior Year, which is a lot of fun.  I liked how much they kept the show upbeat.  Honestly, I haven’t seen AVPSY, and part of it is because I don’t like the idea of any more endings in Harry Potter, but now that we have Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them to look forward, I may go watch the musical.

Then was Happy Ending from Twisted.  I love the music from Twisted, so I was really excited to hear that one.  Pus it showcased Rachel Soglin’s voice, and I had been a bit on the fence about her.  It was nice to hear her live.

Afterwards, Soglin stayed onstage alone to perform Everything and More (also from Twisted).  The song didn’t affect me all that much, but what she said before performing it really did.  She did something that surprised me; she thanked the audience.  She thanked us for welcoming her into the fandom family, and told us that we re all princesses.  That made me love her, and want to see more with her in it.  I am always a bit uncomfortable with Starkid adding to their lineup, mainly because I don’t want to see people walk in and act like they own the place.  Since she did not do that at all, she instantly gained respect from me.

Next, Meredith Stepien, Joe Walker, Brian Holden, and Jaime Lyn Beatty came out to perform Those Voices from A Very Potter Sequel.  Holden & Beatty rocked it, as per usual.  I’m not normally huge on that song, but they changed my minds as soon as they started singing.

They did the Rogues Medley after that.  I think it would have been better if they included a song from Twisted, since the medley came out before Twisted.  But it’s still fantastic.

Next up, Lauren Lopez and Jaime Lyn Beatty performed a very serious version of Hey Dragon from A Very Potter Musical.  It was hilarious and we, the audience, got to sing the Dragon’s part.

Meredith Stepien and Dylan Saunders returned to the stage next for 1001 Nights from Twisted.  They introduced it by talking about the relationships that’ve happened between Sepien and Saunders’ characters (and let us know that the Riddler and Scarecrow were in a secret relationship).  That was really nice.

Sticking with the Twisted theme, Jeff Blim an Rachel Soglin came out to perform Take Off Your Clothes next.  I freaking love that song.  Blim added a passionate “FUCK” to his performance, when Soglin asked if they could just “sit out [t]here and look up at the stars.”  That was appreciated, but again, a little weird because of the all ages brand on the show.

And staying inappropriate, No One Remembers Achmed also from Twisted.  There was a group near us who repeatedly screamed “Tiger Fucker!” throughout the song.  The young person behind us looked a little shocked; I can only imagine any discussions between her and whoever brought her afterwards.

Voldemort is Going Down came next.  To be totally honest, I completely forgot that they even performed this song because of what came next.

Then Jaime Lyn Beatty did Not Alone from AVPM.  And that’s when everyone cried.  I think it happens every time she sings that song.  But wow.  I will never get over that.

After that, everyone came out to perform Everything Ends from AVPSY.  I swear, you could have heard a pin drop when they finished.  Thank goodness for Jeff Blim, because he turned to Clark Baxtrasser and said, “Man, Clark, why would you write such a sad song?” The women behind us started chanting “Fuck you, Clark,” and Team Starkid left the stage.

After a brief wait, everyone came back out to perform Days of Summer from AVPS.  I’m so grateful that they didn’t end with the most depressing song in their repertoire.

They flowed directly into Heaven on Earth from Me and My Dick after that. This song makes me so damn happy, and it’s the perfect song for this time of year.

That song went right into Super Friends from Holy Musical B@man!  That’s how they ended, and I feel like it was important that they ended on a higher note than Everything Ends.


The show was amazing.  The energy in Irving Plaza was beyond upbeat.  I wanted to just hug everyone there, and hold them all forever.  Sadly, my arms aren’t long enough to do that, but we did get to interview a couple Fangirls in the line before the show started (we got there 5 hours early).  We only asked them a couple questions each, but it was fun, and we even found out that there were a couple people from the same area as us! Later this week, the interviews will be published as their own special article.

So overal, the show was amazing.  We met some great fangirls and caught up with Kelly, Maria, and Kristen, who we met at the NYC Jim and the Povolos’ show last year.  TalkFine opened for Starkid, I got to meet a couple Starkids afterwards, and I had no voice for the 2 following days.  It as perfect.  There were a couple feedback issues in Irving Plaza, but other than that, I couldn’t be happier.


Thank you so much, to Team Starkid and their loyal followers.  This concert experience is one I will never forget, and I can’t wait to see the summer season from Team Starkid!  If you want to road trip to Chicago with us for Ani & Trail to Oregon, let us know!



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2 thoughts on “Starkid Takes Manhattan

  1. You must have went to the 1:30 show because in the 6:00 show Lauren and Meredith sang Hey Dragon! I completely forgot they performed Voldemort is Going Down because of not alone haha!! Thanks for the lineup! The concert was so great wasn’t it!

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