The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hey you high flying Fangirls! Last night I got to see the Amazing Spider-Man 2 with a couple people from my school, and let me tell you; it was a blast! But be warned, after that more tab lies a whole web-full of spoilers that I’m ready to unleash, so don’t read on if you aren’t looking for that.



This movie had a lot going on. We learned about Electro, Green Goblin, Gwen Stacy, and surprisingly, about X-Men. It was a lot of fun, but let’s get down to the dirty. It was a full 2.5 hours long (wow), and there were three pretty intense plot lines within it.

First and foremost was the story of Electro. He was an average guy who liked electricity, but one day Spider-Man saved him and Max (pre Electro civilian) thought they were best friends. At Oscorp on his birthday, Max is forced to stay late to work. He gets electrocuted and lands in a pool of electric eels. He seems to be dead but comes back.

With Max / Electro, at first he just wants a bit of attention. That’s totally understandable. But after he gets “betrayed” by Spider-Man (Electro gets shot at when spidey says he won’t, SM also doesn’t know about the sniper that is trained on Electro), he decides to be evil, and take down the city that hurt him, focusing on OsCorp.


The second main storyline is that of Harry Osborn. After learning that the disease that killed his father (and left him in charge of OsCorp) is genetic and has already started on him, he becomes hell bent in finding a cure. He believes that the cure is in Spider-Man’s blood, and asks Peter Parker to talk to the webhead. Spider-Man come to Osborn and tells him that the answer isn’t in his blood, but in Harry himself. So Harry now believes that he has also been betrayed by Spider-Man.

There is also Parker’s parents. He asks Aunt May why they left him, and she tells him that Peter’s father made something that a foreign country was offering a lot of money for, so he ran to the money.  He got killed in the process, but that was why he left Peter behind. Aunt May says something about what Mr Parker was like, and Peter does some digging. He finds some evidence of a secret train station and goes to check it out. There, he finds out that his dad started hiding because OsCorp wanted to sell his stuff to foreign countries for biological weaponry. He left Peter behind so he wouldn’t have to live a life on the lamb.

It all comes together when Harry Osborn breaks Electro out of jail to have him help take down OsCorp, and the city grid. Harry gets into OsCorp and gets into it’s secret floor, where he finds a storage of the spider venom from the radioactive spiders Mr Parker and his father were working on. Thinking it will cure him, he injects it. But instead of curing him, it speeds up the disease. He becomes unable to walk and hella ugly almost immediately. He crawls over to a suit that has healing abilities, jumps in, and goes after Spidey.

While he’s heading towards Spider-Man, Electro has taken out all the power from New York City. Spidey works with Gwen Stacy to  stop him. They eventually stop him, thanks to Gwen. But the now Green Goblin scoops her up and when Spider-man tells him to drop her, he does. But she’s saved. They fight, and she falls much further. Spider-Man goes to save her, and snaps her neck.


I quietly murmured yes because I knew she died in this one. I know it’s crude, but in the ads for the movie, her outfit is the same as the one that Gwen wears in the comics when the same thing happens. Sony did a good job of having her fall a lot and keeping us on edge. The movie ended with a mystery man walking past the suits of the sinister six. There’s a final scene where Rhino comes out an attacks some civilians and Spider-Man stops sulking about Gwen and starts helping the city again.

What surprised me was that the end, after the credits. There was a short video from an upcoming X-Men movie. That surprised me, because post-credit previews is a Disney thing, and X-Men are owned by 20th Century Fox, while Spider-Man is owned by Sony. Hopefully soon, they will all be together under the Disney umbrella, but the preview was exciting.

One thing I’m hopeful for with the Spider-Man movies to come (because obviously there will be more) is Felicia Hardy. There was a dark haired assistant at OsCorp, named Felicia, who knew a bit more than she should have. So my hope is that it’s Felicia Hardy, also known as the Black Cat. A thief, and one of Spider-Man’s love interests.

So go see it. It’s a lovely movie, and they use music seamlessly, and it’s fantastic. There was a lot of slow motion sequences, which was discouraging, but for the most part it was lovely. Check it out!

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