Music: DeVotchKa


Fangirls, that thing happened again. The thing where years ago, I heard a really great band, and then they some how quickly escaped from my life. I must have been in middle school when I first heard DeVotchKa. I don’t know how they didn’t stick then, but what matters is that they are back in my life and I’m bursting with excitement from rediscovering them.

This band has been making awesome stuff for a while now. Actually, they started as a band to back burlesque shows, and worked & toured with people like Dita von Teese. But the band started to gain more recognition in the early 2000’s when a few of their songs were used for trailers, soundtracks, and shows. And in my opinion, their music is pretty perfect for the screen.

Their music has a sort of drama to it, and has a lot of intensity & emotion. But it still has a very upbeat, joyful sound too. I think this contradiction often comes when the vocals & the music meet. These songs are pack with powerful arrangements of strings, horns, upright basses, accordions & theremin. A lot of it could probably be classified along the lines of gypsy punk music, the genre that takes the roots of traditional Eastern European music, and planting them with more modern western music. So take that sort of sound, and then add a beautiful, soulful, howl of Nick Urata, the band’s singer. His voice adds an incredible & emotional depth to all of these songs. They take a lot of it in a different direction, bringing out this sounds that gets down into the core of you.

The band has a number of albums that you can enjoy & let sink into your soul. They’ve got seven albums, an EP, an a few entire soundtracks that they’ve done for films. There is not one that is better than the other. I’ve never come across a song of theirs that I didn’t enjoy. Which is why it was so difficult to chose songs to feature below. I picked a few, but what you should really do is just go listen to their entire discography. Take the day to become enthralled in this band’s incredible music.



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