Batwoman #29


Hey there, Fangirls! The weeks we spend not discussing Batwoman always seem like the longest ones, don’t they? Well for now, we no longer have to suffer as we discuss issue #29. The chase for the Wolf Spider and his art stealing gimmick is still on. But Batwoman is so close I can almost taste it.

When we last discussed this comic, it was revealed to us that their were two paintings left for Wolf Spider to take. One at the Kane Family estate, the other at Arkham Asylum. We also learned that the paintings reveal some sort of map underneath them, which is valuable to the man who has hired Wolf Spider to steal the paintings for. But before we rejoin our buddies in the present, this issue opens with a short peak into the past.

In the last few issues, actually, there has been a few panels or pages showing scenes from Gotham in the late 20’s, and usually show one young man. If I remember right, he was shown committing suicide. In this issue, we see the young man painting a mural on the wall of someone named Grantham. Grantham is rich and an asshole, and the young man is curious. We see the young man peer into a hole in the wall behind a painting, but all we see is his shocked expression before we join Kate Kane in present day.


She’s visiting a therapist, as Maggie advised her to do. The session doesn’t go well, as I imagine it wouldn’t for someone as guarded as Kate. She storms out, and heads to Maggie’s office, as Batwoman. the discuss Wolf Spider, and it’s revealed to Kate the whereabouts of the last two paintings. So of course, she heads to Arkham.

And again, of course, she runs in to our buddy Wolf Spider there. The do some rough & tumble stuff, Batwoman really getting in some good hits. He runs off, looking for the painting. Along the way, he gets chatted up buy a sexy dark haired inmate, who tries to coerce him into letting her out for some fun. She seems to get into his head a little bit, but before anything happens, Bats shows back up. She’s telling him that this is the end of the line, and that GCPD is on it’s way. But of course, that would end things to easily.

With a turn of a key, Wolf Spider lets out a whole lot of inmates of Arkham, and unleashes them on to Batwoman. And that’s where issue #29 leaves us.


I’m assuming, because she looks quite similar to the dark haired lady on the cover, that the woman in the prison was Nocturna. But, that can’t be confirmed until the next issues unfold! And as usual, I can’t wait!

All images are copyright of their respective owners. 


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