On Disney Changes

Hey Disnerds! It’s been awhile since I’ve had much to say to you, but Disney has been doing some things recently, that are … interesting choices.

I guess first of all, there’s the price bumps. Ticket prices have gone up a couple times recently, and that makes me really sad. It always been very expensive to go to any Disney Park, but they’re making it almost unattainable. It’s a big part of the “American Dream,” to go there. I didn’t go until I was 19, because it’s so expensive. My mum has never gone, and that bums me out.

Another thing is who they’re appealing to. Disney is working on getting more foreign and new guests.Those are people who are excited to pay through the nose to get into the parks, then will buy everything they can inside the park; the pictures, the food, the water, the autograph books. Everything. And they want those guests because they’ll pay more. They don’t want the pass holders or seasoned guests because we know how to make it so we don’t go totally broke visiting Disney. It makes me upset that they aren’t worried about making a lovely guest experience, they’re worried about making money.


There’s also the in-park changes. The princesses have been reimagined. For awhile now, you’ve been able to buy merchandise with the princesses in super sparkly and altered versions of their dresses from the classic movies. But that’s not all. In park and on merch, princesses have had their outfits and hairstyles changed. It may sound like a petty argument, but I’m not a big fan of magic breaking. Having worked there, one of the most upsetting thing to hear is, “you can’t be the real Snow White, because you don’t look like her.” Yes, there are answers to that; that movie was based off of the real Snow White’s life, and who you’re looking at is the real Snow White. Hell, I had a little girl tell me that the woman she was going to see wasn’t Snow White, she was a “lady in a wig.” This was a 7 year old. And you know, if Snow White’s outfit matched the one they animated her in, maybe those statements would be less common.


But character changes isn’t where it stops. It never stops. Recently, Disney premiered it’s new parade, which took over for the Celebrate a Dream Come True parade. First of all, why would you want to stop celebrating dreams coming true? That’s what most Disney movies are about. That bums me out because when it’s 3pm in the Magic Kingdom, I want to see the CaDCT outfits and dance moves. I want to be able to sing along. But that’s a personal complaint. Here’s a video of the new parade, I may miss CaDCT, but this really is gorgeous.

One of my biggest gripes is about Animal Kingdom. That is a park that is all about animals (obviously). But to me, Disney’s Animal Kingdom means seeing Pocahontas and Meeko. Spotting Grandmother Willow and Rafiki at Rafiki’s Planet Watch. But they’ve made some major changes. They dismantled Camp Minnie Mickey, the only place where Minnie’s name comes first, and where you could meet most of the gang in their safari gear. That’s also where Pocahontas was, and the stage where she and Grandmother Willow used to tech about the environment. They’ve gotten rid of the for Avatar, and area devoted to the movie that is just like Pocahontas, but on a different planet.

There are also plans to have Disney’s Animal Kingdom stay open later, an start hosting a fireworks show. Now, I’m a big fan of Disney fireworks. They do a damn good job at that (have you seen Illuminations, Reflections of Earth?) but Disney’s Animal Kingdom is home to thousands of animals. Will the fireworks have an adverse reaction to them? Will it interrupt their sleep patterns and make them grumpy, or unmanageable? And is that really worth the risk. I don’t think so. I think Disney’s Animal Kingdom should stay focused on the animals, and teaching people how to preserve the environment.


I miss Disney. I miss it more than I ever thought I could. I left to keep myself safe, and it was an incredibly difficult decision to make. That may sway my opinions, but I don’t believe it changes them all that much. I’m really upset that Disney isn’t the same place I loved and worshipped 2 years ago. When I think of the parks, I try to remember the good things that they did, and how I felt my first time there, but these changes are making that hard. I’d love to hear what other Disnerds have to say about the changes being made in Florida, and globally, with the Disney company.


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