DIY: Marvel Hero Wall Art

photo 1

Hey Fangirls! The other day I just about stumbled into a fun DIY art project. Thank goodness for last minute inspiration in the check out aisle of craft stores. Thanks to great dollar bins, I made some great marvel inspired art to put up in our office!

And this stuff was so damn cheap & easy. As I said, I stumbled into the project, and was done with it all in an hour, dudes. I did it from MY CAR. It took only a few supplies, and made some great art to put up on the wall of our office.

While checking out at the craft store, Captain America’s eyes caught mine. Or rather, his eye holes. They had these wooden masks out in a bin for a dollar, so I picked one up. After just exchanging a few words with Emily, I knew what to do with him.

photo 2
I took off the Popsicle stick handle on his bottom, then went to Walmart to get a frame & some fabric. They had a great print of Cap comic covers, and a 12 x 12 from of this kind that Emily & I love. You can just click the glass in & out, they’re super cheap & easy to use.

I took that all out to my car & got to crafting. Luckily, I had some scissors in there that I used to cut the fabric the right length to wrap around the black board that is used as the back of the picture frame.

photo 3

After that, I popped caps face right on top, and clicked on the glass.

photo 4
With that, in minutes I had a perfect piece of art perfect for our nerd tasting office. I even had enough time to put together this Iron Man one too!

photo 5

Maybe your craft store has these great Marvel faces too, or maybe this will inspire you to make some great art of your own! All together, for both pieces, this only cost be a little under $30. For custom art like this, you can’t beat that.

So get to crafting, Fangirls!


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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