Appdicted: On The Line

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Fangirls! I stumbled upon a great little app the other night that kept me up for quite sometime. This game is one of those wonderfully frustrating types. One of those game that you’ll keep going back to best yourself no matter how angry it makes you. Through all the grunting, it’s a damn good time. On The Line is perfect for those games you love to hate and hate to love.

On The Line is fun take on scrolling games. It’s easy, in theory.

image (4)


Place your finger on the dot, and guide it along through the various twists & turns of the different courses. Stay in the lines, and you’ll be good!

image_3 (3)

But of course, they get more complicated, and things move faster & faster, testing your ability to communicate with your little finger tips.

image_4 (3)

Make a mistake and this app won’t be discreet or forgiving about where you fucked up.

image_1 (3)

After that, it’s back to the beginning! But your effort isn’t lost, with every cm you make it, you get closer to the next level!

image_2 (3)

For whatever reason, the level icons & stuff are all monuments & stuff. There seems to be tons of levels, and with each one you get a new type of level and back ground color to use. By type of level, I mean things like easy, hard, reverse, etc.

As I said, this game is a whole lot of infuriating fun. Many celebrations will be paired with lots of “What?! I was totally within that line!” Either way, it will be hours of fun.

So get to downloading, Fangirls!


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