Movie: Sleeping Beauty


Fangirls, it finally happened. After waiting pretty much my entire life, I was finally able to get a hold on a copy of Sleeping Beauty. Emily, who had been highly anticipating my watching of the film, sat down & watched with me. And oh my goodness it was fantastic.

I wasn’t expecting it to not be good, of course. I was just careful with my expectations after it had taken me so long to see the movie. Hopefully you all haven’t had to endure some twenty years with out this movie, but if so, we have to talk about it. Even if you have, we have to talk about it. This movie must be discussed more, it’s incredibly underrated.  Surely, it’s respected as a movie of Disney’s early days, and Aurora being the second princess in the line up. And yes, it’s more than 50 years old now. But I don’t think people are oodling over this movie as much as they should by any means.

First, what I appreciated a lot was the music & the scoring. The music in this movie is gorgeous. Especially, of course, Once Upon A Dream. The flowy-ness of the song, that waltzy feel, it goes so well with the feeling of what’s happening in the movie; falling in love. Love at first sight, at that. I love the way the falling in love happens in this movie. Because to them, it’s not at first sight. They’ve been dreaming of something like this there whole lives. So much so that when they finally meet, it’s like they’ve always been in love. This is captured so beautifully on screen, and in the song itself.

The movie itself is beautiful, I love that original Disney style. The colors are all so vibrant, the layers are just so nice. Aurora’s hair, whilst she’s Briar Rose. It all makes such a lovely film to look at.


Of course, we must talk about Maleficent. I love her even more than I thought I would. She’s so snarky & twisted. She’s just nuts, and really has no sort of motivation other than just wanting to be bad. She wasn’t invited to the party, so she’s going to show you who’s boss. She is, without a doubt, the baddest bitch there is.

And Prince Phillip vs. Maleficent as a badass dragon. Surely, Prince Phillip had some help, but that was one heck of a fight. And when the fairies enchant his sword to give the final blow to the dragon, that line really gets me. “Thou Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure, that evil will die and good endure”. 

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, Fangirls, it’s okay. It was a long time coming getting to see this movie. But really, you have to watch this movie. It’s an underrated part of Disney history, and a down right great movie. It really captures so much of that quintessential Disney; great music, great stories, and great animation. I adored this movie. Never forget that you don’t have to be a kid for Disney movies to make a lasting impression on you, Fangirls.


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