Cyclops #1


Greetings, Fangirls! Last week, I happily discovered that among Marvel Now’s newest series, they’ve begun a new Cyclops series. I’ve never read anything about him but have always wanted to, and was happy to see a first issue waiting for me on the rack at the comic shop last week.

I feel comfortable jumping into a new series about a character I know nothing about with Marvel Now. All the books seem like a great introduction to the characters they are about, even if it’s quite a new beginning for them, like in Ms. Marvel for example. I want to know more about Cyclops, and I think this series will give me a great look into that.

In this series, Cyclops is 16. The book is very much an introduction. It’s narrated by Scott Summers, aka Cyclops, as he tells you about himself and his life. He’s a mutant, an odd ball out, until he finds other mutants, and goes to a school run by Charles Xavier. He falls in love with Jean Gray, everything is cool. Then things aren’t so awesome, and they were suddenly in the future, and he didn’t like what he saw. In the future, things weren’t good for the mutants, and Scott finds he’s not the nicest guy. But he also discovers that his Dad is alive, which wasn’t what he previously thought.

So then, Scott is out in space with his dad, Corsair, and his dad’s lady friend Hepzibah. I don’t know when this is, it seems to be present time. It makes the future talk confusing to me, but I’m hoping maybe it’ll make more sense. But for now, Scott is up on a ship with his dad & crew, because his dad is a space pirate. Pretty sweet, right? Oh, and his dad is also extremely attractive and I kind of want to kiss his face.


So Scott is up adventuring with his dad and his lady friend. He seems unsure about it. It also seems like he parted ways with Jean to come there to be with his dad, and that he’s regretting it. But before he can think too much about it, he’s in a space battle with his pops. Corsair is a smooth talker, and is able to arrest the alien’s without force, just with his slick words.

Corsair loves to be along side kicking butt with his son, and gets an idea. Soon, Hepzibah is bringing them bags of their things, and Corsair surprises his son with a trip around spaces to see its wonders. I’m assuming this isn’t really a day trip sort of thing.

So off they go to explore space for some father son bonding. Not the most actiony of endings, but this book does leave me wanting to read more. I’m super excited to learn more of Cyclops and to look at Corsair & Hepzibah lots more.


All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners. 

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