Disney Infinity


So yes, Fangirls, Disney Infinity came out a while ago. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth still talking about, though. We here at Fangirls Are We having been loving this game since its first days, and still find ourselves playing the game for hours. We figured that with Disney’s announcement of the Fall 2014 release of the second edition of the game, it’s time to talk about our feelings for this unique game.

I’ve never played a game that works in this way. Infinity was not the first game to use portal technology for a video game, but it was my first exposure to it. Though I love video games and wish to play more, I hadn’t really played many since I was much younger. I played / watched a lot with my older brothers, but when they moved out to do grown up things, I wasn’t around gaming as much. But Disney Infinity is something that really made me want to get back into sitting down and clocking in a few hours of fantastic game play. And boy, have I.

Disney Infinity is available for all consoles. Wii, Wii U, X Box, Play Station, and DS. You can also sync your game to your tablet or your PC, so you can play around the Toy Box where ever you may be. I think that is pretty dang cool. It seems to be more common now that games be available for all consoles, but when I was younger, it was much easier to be out of luck when it came to games & their compatibility.



Emily & I have the game for X Box. I like the design of the portal a lot. I like the design for pretty much the entire game, actually. At first, I didn’t know how I felt about the sort of more chunky & jagged look of the characters & stuff, but I’ve come not to mind it. I wish that you could play with more than two players. Having an option to connect another portal, or somehow make it more multiplayer than two player would be pretty awesome & fun. But two for now definitely is still a good time.


This day, Emily & I were playing as Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story, in the Toy Story world. The world is actually an alien planet area that you kind of help put together with the pizza planet aliens. As much as I would have liked the world to be like it was in the movies, this is a great whole new adventure. In the worlds, you are given dozens of missions to do. In addition to this, there’s hundreds of things to gather, things to unlock, challenges to complete. It’s a great way to expand game play and really keep the game going.

I played as Woody, he’s not my favorite to play with. He’s pretty slow, and doesn’t do lot of damage. Jesse pretty much the same way. But when equipped with Buzz’s jet pack, I can handle the two of them a bit more.


That’s another thing I do enjoy about this game, is the crossing over of things like weapons, vehicles, and things of that sort. Surely, you can experience that stuff much more in the toy box. But even in the worlds, there’s a bit of exchanging of things such as Buzz’s jetpack. It gives a nice sense of community to the Disney characters.

That brings me to the Toy Box, which is where that never ending game sort of idea really comes to light. The Toy Box is a completely customizable place to play and experience the Disney community. You’re given a pretty large space, and create the space however you please. There is premade ones, but when your given that amount of free reign, it’s so much more fun to be creative. Throughout the game, you can win things to use in the toy box, which is where most of the customization can happen. You can also use money you collect to spin for different Toy Box items, and buy separate power discs with decoration & layout packs.

So, in your toy box, you can build sky high hills & cliffs, big caves & caverns, rivers & ponds, all sorts of stuff that you can later explore as any character. Along with building a dream landscape to play with, you can add lots of interactive pieces, and decorations & buildings specific to movies or characters. For instance, this day, Emily was building a Palace of Agrabah that we had gotten.


In the Toy Box, you can also have enemies roam free, ready to attack. So you can still have a sort of action that you experience out in the different worlds. You can build up the levels of your characters, and learn how to better use their abilities. My favorite character that we have to play with is Mrs. Incredible. She kicks so much butt.



I love this game, and still find so much to do even though we’ve completed everything to do in the few worlds available. Emily & I still have a lot of characters available to get and play around with, and that opens up even more to do. That’s what make this game seem truly infinite.

But of course, even with the grand amount of stuff your already able to do in this game, Disney announces more. Disney is taking full advantage of all the characters available to it and all that they own, and has announced that in Fall of this year, Disney Infinity 2.0 will be release. The new Infinity will feature the very popular superheros of the Marvel Universe. Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Nick Fury, Hawkeye, and our pal Loki will all be available for play in the new edition of the game. More characters have been hinted at but not confirmed, and you can see a tid bit of Spider Man in the trailer for the game. As far as we know, the same portal will work just fine, but a a few new things will be going on. Hopefully, new worlds will be featured for some of the characters. We do know that the characters will apparently be more unique and have more available to do, which is cool. The only other solid information released is that Thor will be a part of the starter pack.


I cannot wait for this, Fangirls. Disney Infinity has been out for a while, and they’ve certainly had time to listen to what could be better about the game. I’m hoping for more available worlds, better control with customizing the Toy Box, and more interactive things available for the toy box. But honestly, even if this game stayed exactly the same but just added the Marvel characters, I’d be perfectly happy.

Do any of you Fangirls play Disney Infinity? Tell us about your favorite & least favorite parts of the game and what you’re most excited for in 2.0!


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