Rat Queens Issue 6

Hey Fangirls! I know today is usually the day for Rocket Girl, but the next issue of that doesn’t come out until next week. But, Rat Queens number 6 came out last week, so we’re switching them. While you wait for the next review of Rocket Girl, you can recap the last one here. But now, to the issue at hand; Rat Queens!


The gents behind Rat Queens have been super busy; going to cons, releasing a clothing line, and one of them is even having a baby! But did that stop them from starting the new arc strong? Hell no! This issue is action packed, and so good.

This issue picks up after the party of issue 5, letting us use our dirty minds to assume what happened, with Violet waking up next to Dave, Betty to her girl Faeyri, Dee alone, and Hannah with none other than Sawyer, captain of the guard. Hot damn. At the breakfast table, everyone tries to confront Hannah about her off and on relationship with Sawyer, but she shuts them down. It helps when a messenger bangs on their front door, with an invitation to go speak with Mayor Kane.

The Queens assume that they’re being called in for breaking the penis off of a statue, but really, the mayor is rewarding them. For their dumb jobs that he gave them, and for saving Palisade, he gives each of them 50 gold pieces. He says that he hopes it will “encourage civil behavior.” He gives them another mission, and dismisses them.

On the mission, Betty pulls Hannah aside and asks the question I know I’ve been dying to know since issue 5; the fuck was with that blacked out eye thing? Hannah says that because her parents are necromancers, when traumatized, her body reacts like that. Kind of terrifying. They accomplish the mission (killing mushroom people), and head back to Palisade. Hannah storms off when she’s pushed about Sawyer, and the rest of the queens head home. Before they get there, they’re stopped by a man who is dressed suspiciously just like Dee.

Wanna know why? It’s because he’s her husband! Whoah. I thought she was just socially awkward like me, but no, she’s married. That’s why she doesn’t party as hard as the rest of the Queens.

Hannah goes searching for Sawyer, but instead runs into Bernadette (that bitch) and turns her around to confront her. When Bernadette turns, her eyes are gone!


Throughout the issue, we’re getting snippets about what’s going on with Sawyer. He believe Bernadette has been captured by the Black Khali Assassins, and goes to find her. Find her he does, but imprisoned by Gerrig. Gerrig releases her, and takes Sawyer, mentioning something about his wife. From the way Sawyer reacts, before a tentacle comes out of his mouth, I think he fucked Gerrig’s wife.


Talk about an awesome issue. So much happened, and these ladies are killing it (literally and figuratively)! Don’t forget that next Friday will be the recap of Rocket Girl. So stay tuned, and keep reading!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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