Coffin Hill Issues 5 & 6

Hello Fangirls. I am so in love with this series, but I’m having such an issue with writing about it. I have read these two issues at least 3 times (not that I’m complaining, they’re lovely) but I can’t seem to force myself to write about them! So we’ll try, and hopefully my writing will do them some sort of justice.


These issues are very intense. They start with Eve Coffin visiting Mel at Nate’s house, and finding out that it really isn’t Mel. They argue, and the thing that has taken over Mel’s body attacks Eve, and then goes back into Nate’s house. After that, Nate and Mel go and talk about the town, how it has decayed.


Meanwhile, Eve is working with the Morellis, trying to find their daughter. She finds a bunch of ID cards and other knick knacks in a basement. During a confrontation with Mr Morelli, he reveals that he knows more than was released about the body they found (issue 4) and is arrested. In jail, he kills himself with Eve’s pen so people wouldn’t know he was killing witches.


Back at Nate’s, Mel gets Nate into the water and leaves him to drown. At the station, Eve takes some Galenthine Potion (which opens your mind) and walks right up to the monster inside of Mel. Eve finds the monster with several young women naked in a cage, held by the monster and Mel. The monster is preparing for her harvest, but refuses to kill Eve.


Eve cuts the monster’s stomach, reverting it’s form to that of Mel. Nate sees everything that happens and shoots Mel, destroying the monster. He apologizes for not believing Eve when she tried to help him. Eve, talking to her mother, finds out that her mother knew about the monster, and believed in Eve being the one to save them. Their conversation is interrupted by Nate and some other officers, arresting Eve for murdering Officer Donovan.

So that was intense, yeah? I can’t get over it. I’m definitely loving the story, but the intensity is overwhelming at some points. There are some really frightening parts, and I feel like it’s just getting started. So tell me if you’re liking it, and I’ll see you next time!

All images and characters depicted are copyright of their respective owners.

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